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geoblewis 05-20-2013 04:09 PM

Julian Bakery Bread
I just found out that my favorite low-carb bread was 1) discontinued, and 2) NOT ACTUALLY LOW CARB BREAD!!!!


I had started buying their Amazing Sourdough. It was so tasty! One slice of cheese on it, put it in the toaster oven, excellent afternoon snack when my blood sugar was low! It was high in protein and fiber, low in net carbs. And there were sesame seeds on it, which I love.

Eventually I had tested my blood sugar after eating a slice and noted that my it caused a spike. I retested and retested. Same results every time. I was so confused since the claim was that it was so high in fiber and protein, and so low in net carbs. So I gave it up, and I only indulged once a month.

Turns out someone had the Julian Bakery breads tested. They were NOT as labeled!


Okay, back to totally unprocessed foods.

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