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Waka Waka!
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I absolutely LOVE fruit but aside from that, no sugar for me! I've cut it from my coffee and tea, I limit my desert intake to once a week MAX, no more iced cappucinos, no sauces with sugar, no pop, no juice, etc. It was tough at first but it got easier with time! I hear you on finding sugar in random places. It's added in bbq sauces, salad dressings, almost ALL yogurts, and so much more!

In my baking, I started using sucanat. I make Tosca Reno's Eat Clean granola. I can't post the link because I am still too new but a google search will point you in the right direction! It used raw oats and sugar, to still provide a treat but a more organic and less glycemic-spiking one.

So, for me, I avoid sugar like the plague. The way I see it, if I am going to have delicious sugar, I want it to be on purpose, and not just because it was added into some product I would have enjoyed anyway! I have also found sugarless alternatives to be just as tasty. For example, I LOVE iced coffee now without any sugar-just milk. Try it!

Sorry this post was all over the place! I'm still tired from a new workout this morning!
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For now, yes. I started a bikini competition diet recently and the only sugar remaining in my diet comes from sweet potatos and a bit of balsamic vinegar. No fruit, dairy, or even artificial sweeteners... stevia only.

I will add them back in after this competition prep diet, because I do fine having moderate amounts from fruit, dairy, the occasional bit of chocolate, marshmallow, etc. I don't find that it makes me crave more but I still try not to eat an excessive amount of it.
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Just Me
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Sugary stuff - yes, sugar in foods - no.

I eat dark chocolate as well as some condiments with small amount of sugars. I don't like sweet sauces and such so I don't buy those but I'll use a bit of bbq sauce or what not occasionally.

I also eat a couple servings of fruit per day.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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I have cut out most sugars & processed foods. I will have whole wheat wraps or go "bunless". I don't eat bread or cereal, I don't even buy cereal for my family anymore. I will have the occasional starchy veggie and I won't give up fruits.

My cravings have gotten much better and I can see myself maintaining this way of eating long term.
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it's always something
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I severely limit added sugars and I don't use artificial sweeteners or so-called natural sugar substitutes. I don't eat desserts, sweets, or breads - period. But I do eat a lot of fruit, such as blueberries and clementines or whatever is in season. I don't object to small amounts of sugar in something like a bottled organic salad dressing, or where it's necessary to cut the acid or bitterness of a food. I'm careful to limit quantities.

The World Health Organization suggests we limit added sugars to 10% of our daily calories. Unfortunately, it can be hard to distinguish added sugars from naturally occurring sugars on a nutrition label, which is another reason to avoid processed foods. The sugar and soda industries insist we can eat at least 25% of our calories from added sugar
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Lifestyle Changes
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Well after all these responses I've made my decision!

When I previously tried to go sugar free I was also going vegan and I think I overwhelmed myself with too many changes in my diet. I went back to eating fish and chicken, but I avoid red meat, and I have cheese in various forms but not everyday.

I think phasing out sugar would be a good idea for me. I have horrible issues with compulsive overeating and binging and I almost always binge on sugar and bread. If I let myself have a little it usually doesn't work out.

So here we go again! I don't advocate cutting out entire food groups but I think if something is bad for you and is causing health issues then it's best to avoid it. I do think sugar spurs me onto more sugar and beyond that, even if I can just eat a bit and stop, it's not giving me any real nutrients to work with.

I might as well replace my sugary treat with a fruit-y treat, to actually get some good-for-me stuff.

I have been in a state of mild panic for the last week freaking out about my overeating and binging but I really think I need to try some tweaks to my diet before I declare myself broken and unfixable. There's a lot of evidence showing that some people simply can't tolerate sugar or lots of refined carbs from bread and such.

We'll see how it goes.

Thanks for all the responses!

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