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When I'm in the mood, I go for very lean free range beef (broiled) on a light english muffin with ketchup and lots of lettuce, tomato and bermuda onion. I usually have organic oven fries on the side .....yum !

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I have one! Either at home from our home grown beef or the venison in my freezer.

Or, I hit the local corner bar that patties their own and does it on the old flat grill. They are yummy.

If I'm really craving one, I'm better off to work it in than try to avoid it, because I end up browsing and grazing, etc. to try to find a substitute for the burger.

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If I want a burger... I have a burger! BUT: only if I'm truly hungry, and only if I really want it. It only tastes good if I'm really hungry and I really want it. Otherwise it just tastes bland.

Not worth it to go round the "I could have a burger-substitute" merry go round, eat 3 other things, and then end up eating the damn burger anyway.

Oh yeah, and I only have one. After that the craving's gone. Wish I'd realised that 10 years ago, I might not be in this mess
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I make my own or get a big Mac from McDonald's (rare, but paired with a big salad it's perfectly in dinner calorie range)

I use very lean beef and fat free cheese, lots of veggies, and the lowest calorie buns I can find or just sandwhich bread.
When I have time I make butternut squash fries - sooo good!
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Originally Posted by mimsyborogoves View Post
I figure, if I'm gonna have a burger, might as well have me a BURGER. Then I won't want one for awhile.
This is the way I feel too. I try to seek out a place that serves grass fed organic beef, no bun and load up on the veggies. I think I ate four burgers in all of 2012, so satisfying the craving once really goes a long way for me.

I will get back to my goal weight!

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I'm in with the turkey clan. Higher protein and less fat and I prefer the taste anyway. Walden Farms mayo, dill pickle slices, mustard, Walden Farms ketchup, raw onion and I don't do a wrap. I just throw it on a plate.
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oh. I forgot to say...there's a bakery online, located in San Diego County, called Julian Bakery. they make a low carb bread that has only a couple carbs per slice. Julian Bakery hamburgers with very, very, very little carbs from the bread
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We grill burgers made from bison.
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Sometimes if I want a burger but don't have the stuff, I will make a grilled mushroom and cheese sandwich. I use lots of 'shrooms and not so much cheese. The 'shrooms give you a "meaty" texture, I love it.
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I make a burger at home, but no bun. I always like mine with all the fixings, so I put it on a lettuce leaf then top it with sugar free ketchup, grilled onions and mushrooms and some gorgonzola crumbles. Actually, much better without the bun!

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If I am out and want a burger, the burger king down the road sells morning star farms veggie burgers. Otherwise I have a giant box of frozen meatless patties in the freezer at home. Mustard, pickles and wheat loaf bread.
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I'll just eat a burger. If I don't, I know that I'm gonna try and sub with a ton of other things to fill my craving and that will be worse in the end.

If it's at home, I'll just swap the bread for my low carb Sara Lee 45 cal bread or something similar. If it's out in a restaurant, sometimes I'll order protein style or with wheat bread. I'll usually just make adjustments to the rest of my day to accommodate for it if I keep the bread. But I'll always tell them no mayo or just ask for it on the side.

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I drive to in-n-out and get a protein style 3x3
I eat whatever I want. I just make sure I don't go over my allotted calories.
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I have a burger (with coleslaw on the side). But I make sure that it fits into my daily calorie allotment, and it's usually then my one big meal of the day. The rest of the day, I just eat a salad with low-cal dressing and a couple pieces of fruit.

Or, if I'm willing to cook at home, I make a burger in a low-calorie flatout wrap with a laughing cow chipotle wedge mixed in with the ground beef, topped with tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, red onions, ketchup, mustard, and lettuce inside the wrap. Delicious!

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I will only eat burgers at home because I only eat organic. If I crave one, I have it---w/ sharp cheddar, onions, some mayo, ketchup, & mustard. It only comes to about 500 calories for that. I'll also usually have potatoes on the side, which I spray w/ olive oil spray (using a Misto, of course), broil, & dip in ketchup.
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