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Default How do you eat your grapefruit

I had a grapefruit with my breakfast this morning, and while I was growing up, I always ate it cut in half, and scooped out the insides, then squeezed out the remaining juice and drank it. But seeing all the leftover pulp inside of the grapefruit, I almost felt like I was wasting all of that fiber. It's been a while since I ate a grapefruit more like an orange (by peeling it and eating slices), and I always felt like the membrane on each of the slices was a little too tart... which is probably why I prefer cutting it in half, but it just didn't seem like much grapefruit that way!

I think my next grapefruit I will eat like an orange and re-assess. Honestly, years ago, I remember eating it like an orange, but literally peeling away that membrane on each slice, and it was good that way, but majorly time consuming.

Out of curiosity, how do you like to eat your grapefruit?

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I do section a grapefruit like an orange, but if the membrane if very thick or bitter, I will remove some or all of it as I eat each section.

It's a bit hard to explain, but I'll bite into the membrane of a section at the "top" of a section (the part of the section that was connected to ALL of the other sections. the part that makes the tiny little "bullseye" in the center of a grapefruit cut in half). I bite off and discard this bit - because it's usually the toughest part of the membrane.

then I eat the section. If the membrane is still too tough (usually it's fine, but some grapefruits, ugli fruits, and pommelos have very tough membranes),
then I'll peel one or both the side membranes (the membranes that make the "spokes" of the half-grapefuit's circle). I don't try to peel off the membraine stuck to the bottom of the section (the part that faces outward and has the peel stuck to it when the fruit is intact).

If the grapefruit is too sour or bitter, I will mix a small bowl of sweetener (usually half Splenda and half xylitol) and will dip the sections into the sweetener before eating.
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I eat my grapefruit cut in half and scooped out with a serrated fruit spoon. I do squeeze out the remaining juice but it can be bitter. I don't like the membrane as it is very bitter and the pith (white part) is awful. The grapefruit itself without membrane is quite sweet, but not as sweet as an orange. My favourite is the Ruby Red variety.

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I eat it like I would an orange, I slice them and make rings and then just eat it. Its so good.
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I usually cut in half first and then peel and eat like an orange. For some reason, I like how they look.
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Oh my gosh! I live for grapefruit season! Ruby Reds are grown in South Texas, so they're plentiful here in the winter. I can buy an 18lb bag at the grocery for $3 sometimes! I peel them like an orange and just peel off the membrane as I eat each slice. It's usually very easy and just falls away, but if it's stubborn, I use a small serated knife and slice each slice (!) on the thick edge (just through the membrane) then ease the slice open like a book. (Does that make sense?) Then I have two half slices to eat by pulling it away from the membrane. Love it!
I suppose it's more "civilized" to eat grapefruit with a serated spoon and that's what I'd do if I had guests, but otherwise, I just go for it!

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Have you thought about just buying grapefruit juice? Then you won't be making all that trash (companies tend to sell or use left over items, when possible).

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I cut it in half, then save half for later in a zip-lock sandwich bag in the fridge. The one I'm eating, I use a chef's knife and cut all around the pulp diameter, then slice through each triangle segment. I sprinkle a tiny bit (1 tsp.) of sugar over the top, and eat it with a serrated spoon. I'm addicted to a breakfast of eggs with melted shredded cheddar cheese, bacon, coffee and grapefruit
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I cut it in half, sprinkle some splenda over the top, and broil it until it's slightly toasted. Then I scoop it out with a spoon.
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Broiled! Hmm! I'm going to have to try that! ...Caramelized grapefruit?
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Well I've seen people do it all the ways you stated. My grand mother used to slice it in half, and scoop it like a bowl with a spoon. I like to peel it, and eat it plain, no sugar, ummmm just grapefruit! I love the tangy taste and the smell.

Enjoy the grapefruit!
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I peel mine like i do an orange and eat it like that. So yummy.

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I usually just scoop it out of the half, but when I'm feeling really ambitious I supreme it. That's the fancy French term for cutting off the skin, then cutting each slice out from the membrane. My mom always prepared big bowls of grapefruit this way when I way a kid. I had no idea it was so much work and now almost feel bad about greedily devouring the lion's share of her hard work in seconds.

I also love grapefruit halves grilled. Yummmm!

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Grapefruit is definitely not my favorite fruit, so when I do have it, I buy the jars of the red grapefruit sections and I really do like it that way. No sugar added or anything. I even drink the juice in the jar. ..... Carbie
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Just like an orange - wedge by wedge.
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