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Default Enjoyable, healthy evening meals.

I get on OK with healthy lunches and breakfasts... but I am finding it hard to think of evening meals that are enjoyable, filling and healthy. This is often the point where I take in far more calories than I meant to. Has anyone got any good ideas?
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Check out some clean eating magazines..that's where ALL my dinners come from.

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There is a thread in teh Calorie Counters forum called "Calorie Counters, What's for Dinner?" Check that thread out, its full of ideas.
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I usually pick a protein and then load up the rest of my plate with veggies. Sweet potato fries, butternut squash fries, kale chips, roasted asparagus, broccoli......not all at the same time though. Usually 2 veggies and a protein LOL.

tonight will probably be chicken or fish, kale chips and roasted carrots with ranch seasoning (the powder dressing mix packets).

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Depends on what you're aiming for :].

I love doing stuffed pita pockets (wheat) with black beans and salsa and some brown rice. Fills me up, easy, CHEAP-

Also, I love doing pork medallions (in a pan) and then putting some cranberry sauce (whole berry), apple juice and figs in a pot, making a bit of a sauce out of it...and putting it over the pork. Also decently cheap.

Stir fried veggies are also awesome, especially with some brown rice.

My problem recently has been lunches! D:
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I love food & have found my evening meals are more enjoyable if I split my calorie allowance & have two courses. Tonight is buffalo mozzarella, tomato & roast red pepper salad followed by a grilled salmon fillet & vegetables (total of 800 cals). If I put that all on one plate together it wouldn't be half as enjoyable or satisfying for me! I also find it healthier because I eat more vegetables by using them to bulk out each course.

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What kind of food do you like? Ethnic? Meat and potatoes style stuff?

Eat what you like, just adjust your serving size accordingly. You can still eat things like lasagna (or substitute other foods you like), just less of it with a load of veg on the side.

Don't let yourself feel deprived or that you're 'on a diet' so have to come up with a whole new menu and bunch of new recipes. I make what I always did, just make slight adjustments as I go (use the minimum amount of oil possible, buy the leanest meat, go easy on the cheese by buying a stronger flavoured type etc) and take an appropriate serving at the end.

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have you heard of the site skinnytaste.com? there's so many amazing recipes on there that i like to use for dinner & whatnot. hopefully you can find something you like!
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Tonight I made "pizza" on flat out and a salad. Easy, quick, filling, and delicious!
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Here's some we like ~

-- salmon; brown rice/barley; veggies (carrots/broccoli/cauliflower)
-- steak; mushrooms & onions & corn; salad
-- deli roasted chicken; with salad
-- hamburger steak & onions (dry fried); sliced tomatoes; new potatoes
-- roasted/baked chicken with veggies (sweet potatoes, green beans, onions)
-- other fish like sole with rice & veggies or new potatoes or corn; salad
-- pork chops with rice mix; veggies of choice or salad
-- macaroni or potato salad on lettuce or with coleslaw
-- homemade veggie soup & wg bread
-- sandwich or 6" sub with lettuce/toms/onions/chz

If you are vegetarian, you can make rice/barley pilafs with lots of veggies; potato or macaroni salads; romaine or chef salads with boiled eggs or cheeze; mixed coleslaw salad; homemade veggie soups; veggie chili, veggie shepherds pie or pot pies, etc.
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Between the websites below, you can find pretty much anything you'd want to eat, made in a healthier way.
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