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Default Arctic Zero "ice cream" - best way to eat?

I just discovered Arctic Zero non-dairy dessert (drawn in by the label, "when you feel like eating the whole pint, now you can!"). It's 150 calories for the whole pint! Great when I'm craving Ben & Jerry's but can't fit it into my day's food plan.

Question: what is the best way to eat it so it tastes most like ice cream? I had the chocolate flavor, and straight out of the freezer, it was very hard and icy; more like a rock-hard frozen sorbet than an ice cream. After I had eaten half the carton, I finally had the idea to chop it up and mix it up until it reached a consistency of softened ice cream, and THEN it tasted decadent. It was a lot of work to get all the lumps out with a spoon, though! What is the best way to eat it so that it tastes more like ice cream and has a consistency similar to ice cream? Defrost it in the microwave and then stir?

Also, what flavors do you like? I tried the chocolate. Did you like the Vanilla-Maple?

What is the best place to buy it? Earth Fare (local NC health food store) charges $5/pint!!
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It's funny - I've eaten it over the years, and the consistency changes. The original version was more like sorbet (and honestly, my favorite). Then there was a newer version with less sodium, then a newer version with more sodium - both were pretty hard when frozen and better after thawing 10-15 minutes. I picked up a case at whole foods the other day, and now it's definitely creamier and less solid, but the chocolate flavoring is hardly there. So, it may be that if you find the 'newest' version, you won't need to thaw it as much (it's scoopable when frozen) - but you may need to add some flavor . Good luck!!
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ive been looking for this everywhere in my city and its not available. even whole foods and other places dont carry it and im too cheap to pay for it through amazon. it looks good
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Just a note - I think Arctic Zero has more than 150 calories per pint. The Today show tested it and found that some versions had as many as 46% higher calories than reported. Not a big deal if you are eating 1/2 cup servings, but more so if you really are eating the whole pint.

It is okay. Some are better than others; and it is definitely improved after thawing a bit.
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