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Default Apple cider vinegar, does it work or is all hype?

Curious does apple cider work for you?

Does it really help with weight loss?

One for every 5 lbs lost:

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It only ever succeeded in giving me an acidy stomach. I have heard that it's good for its cleansing properties, but I'm not sure how much that would effect weight loss. It didn't do much for me, but I probably didn't take it long enough.

I also used it as a toner for breakouts on my face, and it seemed to clear my skin pretty well.

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There's lots of antedotal evidence out there that apple cider vinegar helps with weight loss. I even tried it myself several years ago in the early part of my personal weight loss journey, but I can't say that it helped or hindered my losing weight.

I do think it might be helpful in that by taking the ACV you are focusing on doing something to lose lbs. And the focusing in itself is a good thing to do.

At any rate the taking of the ACV is not a harmful thing in itself unless you have a acid stomach problem or something like that. After all, it is a low-calorie food item.

If you decide to try the ACV, read up on it first. Be sure you get the ACV with the 'mother' in it. And let us know how it works for you.

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I can say first hand ACV worked miracles when I was desperate, leaving for a vacation and stuck with a sinus infection and congestion. Medicine for 2 weeks did nothing but 3 days of drinking the ACV and I was good to go!
As for weight loss, I haven't seen it do anything to help but I do use it as a healthy alternative on my salads or a snack of sliced cucumbers. The ACV with Salad Supreme (by McCormick) and a little bit of splenda is actually a pretty good salad dressing
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Apple cider vinegar has been a fad diet around since at least the mid 1950's.

Rumor is that is caused foul body odor reminiscent of gym socks.

I don't know anyone who has stuck with it long enough to find out if the b.o. rumor is true (I didn't last three days. I was in high school, and didn't noticed body odor, but I couldn't choke it down after the third day).

It's yummy on salads though.
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Do you guys remember something called Jogging in a Jug? I think it had that in it...
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