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Default Foods that speed up your metabolism???

Hi guys im after a list of foods that speeds up metabloism. I know i could easy google it and i have done and found a few that im already trying. Almonds , Chilli and broccoilli.

but i find that i find out much more interesting stuff when i ask you guys rather than a computer search engine.
me and my partner are looking to speed up our metabolism by changing our diets ( or rather adding to our diets) by eating foods that help this process.

We researched the higher your metabolism the better your body burns fat

So looking for foods that speed metabolism and just generally a discussion on what others have tried and found what worked and didnt work or what people swear by.

Okay i have my pen and paper at the ready im off shopping tonight
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Just bumping this up
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is super awesome.
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Well, I've heard those three.. I've also heard green tea, and coffee. I've heard sardines, but I wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole, lol.. I read lemon water helps, as some berries. I can't say though.. I do love my green tea, and if thats an added benefit, yey!

Good luck!
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yeah i forgot green tea ive been drinking 2 cups per day
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From what I have read and heard the metabolic increases from food are anecdotal and not significant over the long haul. The absolutely best way to boost your metabolism is to add muscle mass by lifting weights.
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I drink lots of green tea and eat tons of broccoli. But I also agree with tommy that you need to lift weights to add lean muscle mass which boosts your metabolism. They go hand-in-hand IMO.
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I have no idea of foods can actually speed up the metabolism (besides green tea and coffee, but that is only incrementally).

But I do want to mention that higher metabolism doesn't necessarily burn FAT. When your body needs energy it does burn calories but is not necessarily from stored fat. It can be lean tissue too, like muscle. That's why when you are cutting calories (running a caloric deficit) it's really important to protect your MUSCLES by eating protein and engaging in weight-bearing exercises (like lifting). This helps keep the body from burning muscles.

Hope that helps! Good luck!

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As far as I'm aware, the idea of foods which speed up metabolism is unfounded. There are lots of ways in which you can focus on eating healthfully that are proven to be useful, such as eating more fresh vegetables, so I'd go for that instead.

Almonds are great things, but don't go too crazy with them as they are high in calories and particularly fat. A sprinkle of almonds in a stir-fry is healthy, but eating several handfuls of almonds as snacks is likely to cause trouble with the weight loss.

Chilli - yep, it has its health benefits, but also its risks. If you get any gastro-intestinal problems, then you're eating too much. A small amount may be useful if you're suffering the chilliness that affects so many dieters. Personally I've been treating that with ginger capsules as I don't get on with chilli, but I think chilli would work as well, they're both circulatory stimulants.

Here's my personal weight loss plan, in case any of the ideas are useful. I'm calorie-counting, vegan, eating a wholefoods diet, and due to being small and inactive am only on 1100 calories, so most people will be eating more than this.

Breakfast - porridge, made with oats, a couple of chopped dates, soya milk, and a tablespoon of protein powder. I'm perfectly happy with the plain oats-and-soya-milk version, I've just been told by my doctor to eat a higher-protein diet for medical reasons.

Lunch - soup and/or salad. A stand-alone salad will usually involve a small tin of chick peas or similar as well as the veg. If it's a Western-type soup, I will usually have it with a slice of wholemeal bread with almond butter or houmous, and sometimes a side salad, say of cucumber and tomato. About half the time I make myself fresh miso soup with red rice (any rice will do, wholegrain is better), tofu and vegetables. Miso is another purported metabolism booster, and I do notice that I feel a lot warmer after eating it and may even break out in a sweat, but to be honest I reckon that the benefit here is that all of these lunches are low in calories.

Supper - my usual style of meal, e.g. stir-fry and rice, pasta with vegetable sauce.

Snacks - fruit, especially smallish satsumas or strawberries, rice cakes, occasional very small pieces of dark chocolate, that sort of thing.

I'm an evening person and get gradually more hungry throughout the day, so a light but sustaining lunch works well for me. It also means that my partner (who isn't dieting) and I can eat supper together.
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Thanks guys some interesting stuff there, and yeah ive started doing weight training in with my gym routine im a bit sore but it will get better but really enjoying it
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