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Default Avocados

I have recently learned to love avocados and not guacomole, lol. I slice them in strips and put two on my low-sodium turkey sandwich on wheat bread. They are so yummy, you forget you don't have any condiments on the sandwich. Plus, they are such a source of good fats but you have to watch the portions b/c too much of a good thing can be bad too. I used to hate the texture when I was younger but they are really delicious.
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I want to start doing that - I like them, and I can't not have condiments on my sandwiches, too dry. How long do the slices stay good for? Avocados are a bit expensive, I don't want to buy some just to have to eat the whole thing right away.
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They don't stay for very long so plan on eating them within a day or two of buying them. Also, I wouldn't recommend only eating half because they brown fairly quickly. They can be expensive but I wait until they go on sale. It's my treat to me.
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...i use them in baking! YES! BAKING! ...google avocado chocolate cake...its DELICIOUS! I also like to mush the **** out of one and then add honey and cocoa powder to it to use as icing. ...could be a pudding too. They also go really good with banana! ...I KNOW WEIRD! BUT OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE avocados too! Like fitmom says- no need to anything to your sandwich- its SO RICH


PS: When ripe, they keep in the fridge for a few extra days.

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I love love love avocados! I eat them with everything, salads, sandwiches, I've even blended them into smoothies before. My favorite sushi is actually an avocado roll with brown rice, super delicious!! I do usually only eat 1/4 of the avocado, and just cut that bit out of the whole thing. A little lemon juice goes a long way to keep it from browning, however if that doesn't work I just slice a very thin layer of the browned part off. Regardless they do go bad quite quickly, but as they are so easy to eat, I'm never left with more than I can manage.
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Southern California girl here with an avocado tree in the yard - they are always available. I find that cutting them horizontally versus vertically does not expose as much flesh that can then turn brown. I slice off starting from the stem end the amount I want to use and then pop the rest back into a zip lock bag (squeeze out the air). They keep for as long as a week. You can also mash them with some seasoning and lemon juice and put into a sealed container with a piece of plastic wrap pressed onto the surface to keep air away and use as a spread for a sandwich or even dollop onto a salad before you mix it as the "oil" for the salad. Along with protein, they make a salad more satisfying both in terms of taste and fullness.
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