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Default Do you have a health food thats a trigger food???

Even though a food is considered healthy or a healthier alternative can it still be a trigger for you?

For example, I can't have fat free Reddi Whip in the house bc I can eat the whole can in one day. Its only 5 cals per 2tbs, so 1 can is 200 cals, not a horrible indulgence, but I am very strict with what I eat & my calories so I cant waste 200 of em on a can of Reddi Whip. Also if I have it in the house I look for things to put it on top of, so it may lead to me eating other foods I shouldn't.

So how about you?

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Hummus is a very popular food with a lot of dieters and I just can not have it in the house. I can eat it off of a spoon. I just LOVE it. It's very reasonable as far as calories/serving and it's super tasty as a spread on sandwiches but my goodness, I can not be left alone with it.

I could also eat my weight in cottage cheese.

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Lightly salted dry roasted peanuts. For some reason I can't stop eating them - I'll keep eating them until the jar is half empty.

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I'm embarrassed to say it.... that... it feels like I've been (not) dieting for so long..... that I can even overdo it on just about any diet food....

Sometimes... I just feel so hungry... and.. I want to feel... *full*... really, really full... and.... for a very selfish change... it would be so nice to feel sated...


Can you tell I am really wanting and craving comfort food? And, a lot of it.


"Make time to be healthy or make time to be sick."

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@beth4365 - I know how that can be....What about popcorn?? Not sure if you are doing low carb. But I can get FULL on that.

I have heard that having a portion controlled treat, can help you to not binge...

You are doing a great job.....

to the OP- Peanut Butter - A little is ok but, when I get started....watch out!!!
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I am so glad I'm not the only one!

@NiteNicole I hear ya with hummus! I'm the same way with the stuff. Its like 1 serving is 2 tbs for 70 calories & if serving per container are 12 the next thing you know the whole container is gone and you just downed about 850 cals of it! I did that once, with garlic melba toast chips. It was so good and they're both healthier versions of certain foods but not when you eat a whole box and container!!! hehehehe

peanuts are the worst! You grab 2 handfuls of it not even feeling the slightest satisfied (well i dont atleast) and you just ate 1/2 your daily calorie intake!

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Well, I guess that one for me would be tofu. Whenever I make stir fry with it, I notice that my chunk is like half the package when there is supposed to be five servings, and I usually think that isn't enough, I want more.
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Oatmeal. It does not trigger me to eat more. It triggers greater hunger sooner than if I ate a lower carb option, such as cottage cheese, and modest tummy rumblings. I can have it in smaller quantities, 1/4 cup or less (dried). Oats I am talking about are rolled, sometimes organic, slow cooked by DH for breakfast. Adding protein powder did not help except to increase calorie count.

It was helpful for me to track a variety of symptoms when recording my food and then I was able to determine a suitable response.

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Nuts and carrots
For some reason I can go into a binge on raw carrots that leaves me with terrible stomach pains!
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