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Default Low-calorie tortillas?

I love making quesadillas in my quesadilla maker, but I haven't for a long time because the only tortilla shells I can find have at least 120 calories each (and you need 2 to make a whole quesadilla, and I am not a fan of having only 1/2 of a quesa!!).

I live in Illinois and frequent Jewel and Super WalMart for food (and I've checked Target, as well) -- does anyone know of any quesadilla/tortilla shells that are low calorie?

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I use corn tortillas, I buy them from the Mexican Tortilleria (place where they make tortillas) They have 60 calories for 2 tortillas Fat calories is 10. The brand is "La Perla" although I think they are local to Minnesota

Try doing a google search for mexican grocery stores or Tortilleria. They last a long time depending how much you use them. I use them for a lot of things. They don't really go bad easily and can be frozen. They come 36 in a pack. They are NOT wheat tortillas, just corn and are gluten free also, if you have that issue . . . Good luck



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Awesome! Thanks a lot!
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I haven't had the chance to try them yet, but I have read that La Tortilla Factory makes a good 7" 50 calorie flour tortilla. Their website says they carry them at Walmart. I am going to be looking for them, but in the meantime I have 80 calorie tortillas in my cupboard. I like to make chicken tacos with them for lunch.
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Do you have a Trader Joe's near you? I get the whole wheat reduced carb tortillas there, and they're 45 calories each. They're more soft taco size than burrito size.

I also hear good things about La Tortilla Factory brand - I think they make a large-ish tortilla with 110 calories or so? I'm not sure, so hopefully someone else will have some info for you. But it's going to be hard to find a big tortilla (which is what I feel is necessary for a quesadilla!) that's also low cal.

A suggestion - could you learn to be happy with half a a quesdilla? Would that be better than nothing? Pair it with chicken tortilla soup, or black beans, or a Mexican salad?
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I use "Flat Out" wraps to make quesadillas, wraps, or just to eat with veggies and hummus. The light versions are 90 calories and they are really big. They always have them in the deli department of my grocery store, on a rack just below the deli meat display.

You can use their store locator to find them where you live. The site is flat out bread dot com.

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La Tortilla has good ones too They are low carb and low calorie and usually have a decent amount of fiber as well.
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I visited El Mercado today and found some corn tortillas (small ones, not quesadilla size) and they had 50 calories each (there are 10 in a pack and they sold them 3 packs for $1!). I cut up some chicken, measured out 1/3 cup taco cheese, and made three folded-over tortillas in the skillet with no butter. Deeee-lish!
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Love the flatouts! I use them in place of tortillas and also make wrap sandwiches out of them.

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I get La Tortilla Factory Smart Wrap in the wheat with olive oil, they are huge and only 100 cals each. They also come in tomato/basil and spinach.
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There are recipes for low-fat tortillas. There is one on allrecipes dot com - only 47 calories each! (I can't post links yet. Sorry.)

Also, I found a great website for low-calorie (100 calories) snacks. They have a yummy recipe for a "Quick Quesadilla" at eatingwell dot com. I was hungry and only had 100 calories left to spend for the day.

I added a tablespoon of low-fat Greek yogurt (sub for sour cream) and 5 grape tomatoes, diced like salsa. The tortillas I had were 80 calories each, so my total calorie count was 127. I'm trying to find a way to shave some of those calories to keep it closer to 100 calories.

I'll add spinach, sub lower-fat beans, and sub lower-fat tortillas. Even if I have to make them from scratch and freeze them. It will be worth the extra effort, when I am starving and only have 100 calories left for the day.
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I buy Ole Brand for my homemade burritos because they have 90 calories each, they're large, and they have 9 grams of fiber, but we use regular corn tortillas for quesadillas. Mission makes an extra thin corn tortilla for 40 calories each.
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LaTortilla has some tortillas that are high fiber and low calorie. They are very good.
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I sometimes make tortillas myself. They can be a little hard to make without oil, but I don't think they taste any differently.
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Thanks for all the good ideas for tortillas will have to check out some of these
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