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Question Salt alternatives... Salternatives

I finally kicked the sugared coffee habit and I'm thinking it's time to attack the salt thing!

Are there any salt alternatives worth looking at?

The only thing I've tried to substitute it with before is Braggs, but then everything just tastes like... Braggs.

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No salt is NASTY! Don't buy it!

I have had the most success just cooking with no-salt seasoning, like Mrs. Dash, herbs, garlic poweder, and by using sea salt when I really want the salt flavor. I don't miss the salt as long as my food is flavored well (and my hubby hasn't noticed either!).

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I use NoSalt on everything that I usually salt, and can't really taste anything but a light salty flavor. I guess it depends on the person, everyone has different tastes.
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I use fresh lemon juice on vegetables and don't miss salt at all. You can also use vinegar - not sure if Cuisine Perel is in Australia, but they have several flavor varieties. Aged vinegars and sherry vinegars are also nice flavors and low salt alternatives.
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I've never though about Lemon Juice on veggies... That's an x-cellent idea!!
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I have both no-salt (100% potassium sulfate) and half-salt (50% potassium sulfate and 50% sodium) substitutes. I find that half-salt has a better taste than no-salt and the balance of sodium and potassium is safer as people can overdose on potassium as well as sodium. Please keep in mind if you do use these substitutes, if you are taking blood-pressure medications, the use of salt substitutes is not recommended as potassium can build up in your system

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I have the same problem..my doctor's have even told me i need to lower my salt intake but i feel like i don't really use salt at all. I use adobo seasoning on most of the food i cook which is where my salt is coming from. I'm switching to adobo light which has less salt. Or I just straight up use garlic and oregano and cayenne..just try using other spices to increase the flavor and you won't miss the salt.
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I just use salt sparingly (I'm taking more to Mrs. Dash lately, but if I use salt at all it needs to be a nice Himalayan or Celtic salt. Our body does need a tiny bit of the stuff after all) But I've found that vinegars being used in place of an old salt addiction is amazing.

So far I've used balsamic, apple cider, rice vinegar, mirin, red and white wine vinegars. I used to hate the stuff! Wild.
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