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TheBunneh 11-12-2010 12:10 PM

Lower carb shopping list ideas
I don't want to go truly low carb, but I feel my diet is a little too carb heavy. Partly because I'm not really sure what to eat. I find myself at a loss for lunch and breakfast ideas.

So what kinds of foods do you low carbers buy on a regular basis?

synger 11-12-2010 12:29 PM

Meat (turkey burgers, deli meats, hamburger, sausage, bacon, chicken, fish -- some fresh, some frozen)


Cheese (cheddar, cream, parmesan, cottage, sometimes brie as a treat)

Other dairy (cream for my coffee, greek yogurt, the occasional glass of milk)

veggies (carrots, onions, cabbage, mushrooms, celery in the fridge -- broccoli, edamame, cauliflower, spinach, green beans in the freezer. Sometimes salad stuff, but only if I know I'm planning to use it soon)

Fruit (clementines are small and not too carb-y. I still eat half the occasional apple, or some berries. Nothing over 15 carbs at a pop though, which limits fruits a bit)

Nuts and nut butters (I wait for them to come on sale, and stock up... have to carefully measure, though, or I can easily overeat them)

High fiber/low carb bread/crackers (I don't eat these a lot, but like to have them on hand for certain meals)

Fats (butter, mayo, coconut oil, olive oil)


The lunches I take to work are very similar... hot miso soup make from bone broth (from the meat I've eaten the week before, cooked up in the slow cooker), some protein (beef deli meat spread with cream cheese, or chicken/egg salad, or leftover baked chicken or beef from night before), and something else (veggie, a bit of fruit, a "treat" of sugar-free Jello or pudding).

Breakfasts on work days are either cottage cheese and a cup of tea with cream and coconut oil, or a protein shake with berries and milk. Breakfasts on stay-at-home days are almost always bacon and eggs.

Dinners are invariably some sort of meat, and a big side of veggies.

I really suggest using a slow cooker to pre-cook things that work on your plan, especially if you're the only lower-carb eater in the household. That way you're not spending all your time preparing multiple dinners. I usually have chili, beef stew, and chicken cacciatore or chicken w/olives on hand in the freezer in single-serving containers. Makes dinner SO much easier!



goodforme 11-12-2010 12:32 PM

Breakfast is usually eggs and veggies, maybe some turkey bacon or lunchmeat turkey, leftover chicken, whatever. Spinach and scrambled eggs, or peppers, onions, tomatoes and scrambled eggs. Whatever is quick to prepare when I'm brain dead.

Lunch is either leftovers from dinner the night before, or a huge salad with tuna or chicken, a little cheese, and some low-cal dressing.

The carbs I cut out were white (sugar, pasta/rice/potato, bakery goodies) so sometimes I'll have a sandwich on whole wheat bread, but not every day, it's just not very filling to me.

Keep low carb stuff around for snacks, too. String cheese, pepperoni slices, boiled eggs, cut up veggies in the fridge ready to go. Yogurt messed me up, had to lay off that stuff. . .

Good luck!

souvenirdarling 11-12-2010 12:42 PM

I often look for sustitutes to the carby things I usually eat. I make wraps with lettuce/greens instead of pitas.

My new rule is if I make it, I can eat it :) I've been making my own loaves and flatbreads with some success. Experimenting with different grain flours.

I don't eat pasta anymore, I can't control myself. I do like spaghetti squash from time to time. I would love to try spiralized veggies :)

Bunti 11-12-2010 12:51 PM

My shopping list keeps me pretty much on the outside of the store.

Veggies, most dairy products, eggs, meat, fish, some fruit. I buy what I like, avoiding too sweet or starchy fruits or veggies. Don't forget condiments, food shouldn't be boring.(check labels) I avoid added sugars, and trans fats. I don't' worry about other types of nutrients, just monitor the calories and carbs. I take a multivitamin, vitamin d-3, and a b-12 each day.

I do buy canned tuna, broths, stewed tomatoes, green beans, some soups,(not the thick ones with cream or lots of noodles)

I also check out the deli for deals on sliced deli meats or cheeses. As well as the freezer for sales on frozen veggies. I always have some kind of protein and a bag of broccoli or cauliflower on hand for a quick meal. Oh, and diet jello. Snap peas in the bag are a great snack.

Google low carb breakfast, and you will find lots of ideas. I eat lower carb, not "no carb" which is how folks often go. I choose nutrition dense foods with minimal processing. I try to stay below 100 grams carb per day. I can do this easily by eliminating most starches (grains), and exercising portion control on fruit and starchy veggies.

My breakfast is usually a veggie omelet with salsa, or poached eggs and 2 slices crisp bacon, or a protein shake. Coffee or tea. If I get a wild urge for juice, I drink Crystal light Sunrise. Now I sometimes add a slice of cantaloupe.

Lunch varies. Salad with deli meats or chicken breast or tuna, a lettuce wrap,
with one of the above. A string cheese. Clear soup or one I have made.

Dinner is usually salad, veggies, meat, and cottage cheese or a dollop of yogurt on some fresh berries.

Last recommendation - don't wing it with low carb. Get a book, Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution, Protein Power, Carb Addicts Diet, they all have the science and the way to be healthy or effective.

Or, look for one of the books that uses the gycemic index, if you don't want to restrict carbs too much.

Good luck- I feel much better when eating according to the above way of eating-- but the weight comes off very slowly unless I also cut calories.

Linsy 11-12-2010 07:17 PM

I assume you aren't going on an extreme low-carb plan like Atkins, you just want to lower your carb intake on your current plan. Check out low carb recipe websites, you'll find all kinds of delicious foods! Us Atkins girls love www.genaw.com. Here's some examples:

Fake spanish rice:
http://www.genaw.com/lowcarb/mexican_rice.html (I'd add the tomatoes that she omitted)

Zucchini lasagna:
Zucchini lasagna is DELICIOUS! You can use your regular lasagna recipe but sub zucchini for the noodles. It lowers the carb count tremendously. Check out the website, it will teach you how to sub the carbs in foods to make ones that are just as good.

Jicama hashbrowns:
I haven't had this but I want to try it soon. Apparently jicama fries up just like potatoes do in hashbrowns.

Another good website is http://lowcarbfriends.com/recipereview/. A lot of them don't have the calorie counts, only the carb counts, so if you're calorie counting you're going to have to count it yourself.

Good luck!

JessLess 11-13-2010 04:12 PM

I love Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats:

I have cut out white rice and flour but I will make a sandwich on one of those. I used to eat a lot of bagels, but now I will put fat-free cream cheese and a little lox in a toasted Deli Flat.

A whole wheat Bruegger's bagel has 73g carbs and a whole wheat Deli Flat has 19g.

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