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Default Help with frozen dinners?

I'm not much of a cook, never have been...I mess noodles up all the time...anyone have any ideas on some good frozen dinners, low cal?
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I love the Kashi brand meals. They are nutritious, filling and all are less than 340 calories (some less than 300). Waaay better than Lean Cuisine for quality and natural ingredients. They also have multiple vegetarian options if you're so inclined.
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My husband sometimes gets stuck at work and I want him to have some good quality options so I will buy him a variety of frozen meals to keep at work.

Kashi, Ethnic Gourmet and Helen's Kitchen are the usual ones I buy for him.
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Lightlife makes a line of vegetarian frozen dinners with the sauce in a separate packet. The box has nutritional info with and without the sauce. Not sure if you can get those all over the country?
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I really like Amy's meals. I just joined this site yesterday so I am not sure how Amy's stack up as far as calories and fat. They are, however, very tasty and organic. At least some are gluten free...maybe all?
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CedarLane makes excellent ones! They are usually in the freezer section where the "special diet" foods are (because they're all natural and organic). They also ship directly to you, check out their site, just put "cedarlane frozen foods" into google.
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Contessa makes excellent dinners. You have to look, though, there are a couple of them with vodka sauce (and one other I can't remember) that is loaded with calories... but the rest are awesome. Lots of veggies. Some you throw in a pan on the stove, some you just toss the bag in the microwave. They are "green", too. No added crap.

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I've never tried Amy's meals but I love the Amy's Kitchen line of soups. I cook at home but at work it's often catch as catch can and anything I've stored in the freezer may well have been eaten by someone else. But I can find lots of places to hide cans of soup. I tend to toss in 4 ounces of chicken while it's cooking and if there are any more veggies around I toss those in too and then I have a fast, easy, low cal, healthy meal.

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I heart Kashi frozen meals as well. The best thing about them is that Kashi really focuses on good ingredients and nutrients in their food. When I look at a lot of other frozen meals I think about how I could make a lower calorie, better tasting version for the volume.

I like Amy's frozen meals as well just watch some of them the calories can be a little high.

I haven't tried some of the other brands mentioned but I am going to keep a look out for them. Thanks for the suggestions!

Since I was looking anyway below are the "where to buy" links for some of the companies mentioned.

Ethnic Gourmet

Helen's Kitchen






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Moo Moo's Vegetarian Cuisine are good. They are not your standard frozen food fare, and the quality is great.

French Bakery Cafe makes frozen dinners now. I've only tried the Cuban vegetables, but they were delicious

I've had Kettle Cuisine frozen soup and it was very good.

I don't like Ethnic Cuisine frozen meals, I think their quality is lacking But I love Tandoor Chef and Sukhi's frozen meals. Check the calories. Most are fine, but some are going to be kind of high.

I make a lot of my own frozen meals. I only have to feed one, so it makes sense to cook and freeze.
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another big thumbs up for Cedarlane. Great variety and lots of yummy, healthy food!
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I actually looked this up on google and healthy choice cafe steamers got really good reviews. I tried them out and they were really good quality for frozen meals. About 250 calories a meal too which is pretty sweet.
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Kashi and Amy's
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Another vote for Amy's here (they even have some low sodium ones)! And the Kashi ones are pretty ok too.
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I've tried Kashi but don't care for it. Have tried Amy's and its okay. Mostly I eat Healthy Choice meals because they seem to have more substance than Lean Cuisine. My favorite is the turkey.
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