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My new favorite breakfast is:

* 1 egg and 2 egg whites scrambled (100 calories).
* Lite old cheddar shredded on top of egg (100 calories)
* 2 slices of veggie (Yves) bacon (50 calories)
* half a sliced fresh tomato (10 calories)

= 260

To flavor the egg I chop up some green onion and cilantro and top it with a tiny bit of Frank's red hot sauce and a tiny bit of ketchup.

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Some of my breakfasts:

2 eggs scrambled with a little season salt (nothing else added except water for fluff)
2 slices whole grain toast with a pat of butter

2 Multi-grain waffles
1/8 c. of syrup
1/2 c. slice strawberries on top

2 slices whole grain toast with a pat of butter
1/2 cup lowfat Daisy cottage cheese

1 Thomas' bagel thins w/ 2 tablespoons fat free cream cheese

1 c. grits with a pat of butter
piece of fruit

My favorite lunch salad that I haven't had in a while:

3-4 cups of lettuce
1 boiled egg chopped up
1 can tuna
whatever veggies you like
2 tablespoons of dressing - what you like
1 serving croutons

My chicken salad mix:

1 can of chicken (I buy the Great Value one from Walmart- best tasting I found)
3 tablespoons miracle whip
10 grapes sliced in halves
6 almonds chopped up into tiny pieces
1 banana wax pepper or stalk of celery diced up
1/4 of red onion diced up
Salt and pepper for taste

It's almost 500 calories, but I break it up in to 2-4 servings by making sandwiches or sometimes I just eat it with a fork. It can also be topped on lettuce and mixed for a salad.

Current Weight: 172.8

First Mini Goal: 240 - CHECK

Second Mini Goal: 220- CHECK

Third Mini Goal: Onederland 199 - CHECK

Goal: 160

Starting Size: 20

Current Size 6/8 depending on brand

Size Goal: 8/10 - CHECK
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Recent breakfast favorites:

1/2c old fashioned oats (I like Quaker)
1/2c fresh blueberries
1/2 medium banana
1/2c skim milk
dash of cinnamon (optional, to taste)

Microwave all in a 1 quart bowl (at least) - try 5 minutes @ 50% power. Blueberries should bubble up.

Let cool & enjoy!! This is approximately 300 calories & filling!

If you are looking to save on calories, the same principle can be used with 1/2c Fiber One cereal instead of Oatmeal & skip the milk. Really good if you don't mind the Fiber One texture. I don't...

Breakfast Idea #2

saute mushrooms, onion, and diced tomato in 1/2T light margarine (I use Brummel & Brown Yogurt Spread)
Season w/no salt seasoning of choice (I love Mural of Flavor by Penzy's)
Add 3/4c egg whites
Once eggs are cooked, add 1 diced piece of low fat cheese (Babybel or Sargento's light String cheese) or 2T light Garlic & Herb Allouette

Mix in & enjoy with a fruit serving of your choice - YUMMY!

The egg white "omlette" is around 215 calories, so adding a fruit gets you to a nice 300 calorie breakfast. Altneratively, a yummy non fat latte with 1c skim milk is one of my favs.

I know both require cooking. Oftentimes I pre-cook (or at least put everything together) the night before & just add the final touches in the morning. The oatmeal is great for that - put it togehter (without the milk) the night before & keep in the fridge. Just add the milk & microwave. Takes 5 minutes.

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Default Wendy's Chili

I tend to eat the same thing for about 3 or 4 days in a row for lunch, and then switch it up. One of my standards is to drive through Wendy's and pick up 3-4 small chilis with onions. When I get home, I mix in defrosted broccoli and cauliflower and add hot sauce. About 300 calories total for each serving and very filling.

(The college I attended served this vegetarian chili with broccoli and cauliflower,beans, other veggies, etc., and I got addicted to the combination...as a meat eater though, mixing the veggies in with Wendy's chili gets pretty close to the same flavor with the added benefit of beef )

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I posted a new thread before I noticed this one but I just tried Whole Foods (365 brand) Vanilla Mini Waffles and used Brown Cow Maple Yogurt as a dipping sauce. The waffles for 8 were 180 calories and I only needed 2 TBSP of the yogurt so I am sure the whole thing was well under 300 calories and very satisfying to boot. I am not much into breakfast foods but I will be having this again.
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I am in love with breakfast sandwiches because they are quick & easy in the mornings. When I need lower calorie or am too sleepy to want to do any decision making about breakfast, I always make the following:

Toast 2 slices lite WW bread, & zap 1 beaten egg in the MW.
Put 1 slice 2% cheese & srambled egg on one piece of toast & top with 2 T. salsa & the other piece of toast. It's 230 calories & only takes a few minutes to make. If I want more calories, I add a cup of milk or a piece of fruit. So satisfying.
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I also like toast with hummus. It doesn't take a lot to get the flavor and much healthier than butter.
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