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Default I Hate Oranges

Ok, so I dont actually hate them but I hate peeling them and even trying to eat them! My mom gave me a bag of them and I dont want them to go bad so Ive been trying to eat one a day. But it just took me forever to peel it and you know when you peel it it leaves all the white skin on it still then once its peeled theres all types of stuff going on inside that you have to peel off. Ugh. We had a box of clementines at home which I love much more than oranges but my bf likes them so Ive been leaving them for him. I also dont have time in the morning to actually cut the orange apart. I think theres only 2 left and them I can be orange free for awhile! lol Just needed to vent!!
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I too hate the peeling part. It seems like no matter how much you pick off, it's still got more! I cut them now, I refuse to peel. Then I just suck the juice out. That's how we used to eat them at half-time during soccer games, just cut oranges.
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I love my cheapy orange peeler - just showed DH how to use it - best thing ever invented - well almost.
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orange peeler?! maybe i need to look into that lol
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When I peel them I cut off the top, then I cut a faint line like I'm going to quarter it but just not cut all the way through the peel- I find this helps get off the peel.

Haha just for you- an orange peeling guide

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I just cut it and half and eat them that way. I don't eat the seeds, of course.

I also don't see how you don't have enough time to cut an orange? It takes like 5 seconds. If you're taking it with you, you can bring a knife along.

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I am not fond of oranges either. I like tangerines more.
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We switched to clementines! they are so sweet and easy to peel
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I think the clementines are tastier too, and way easier to peel!
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I used to hate peeling oranges too, but I don't mind now that I have a peeler.

I have this one:


I buy several anytime I'm at a pampered chef party. They can get lost over time, especially if you are putting them in lunchboxes.
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I like all sorts of citrus fruit. I usually don't mind peeling, but when my arthritis is bothering me, or I have paper cuts or hangnails (because citrus juice in a hangnail or papercut burns like acid - which I guess it actually is), then I cut my fruit into Smileys (the name comes from an old tv commercial in the early 1970's that showed kids/moms how to do it).

Basically you cut the orange in half, and then cut each half in 3 to 4 in wedges (they look the best if you make your first cut horizontally - that is you're not cutting through the stem and navel end in your first cut).

You can then either suck out only the juice (you're missing the fiber that way), or you can bite into the fruit-part of the wedge (pick the seeds out first, or spit them out afterward).

Cutting them into smileys always reminds me of my brother. When we were kids, after he bit the fruit off his smiley, he'd wear the skin on his teeth like a football player's mouthguard.
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I love to peel oranges, so I must be the odd one out! I like the orange oil smell left behind on my hands.
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I had this same problem hating the peeling, etc - now I just slice them in rounds and then cut those in half - think half moon, and viola, now I love them and my kids do too!
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I hate to peel them off too so I cut it in 8ths
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I hate peeling but it's soooooo worth it. I LOVE oranges (I ate FIVE the other day). I'm weird though, in that I don't like sliced oranges. I have to peel them; they taste better to me that way. My latest thing is Moro Oranges (aka- blood oranges) so freaking good, and a fair bit easier to peal than navel oranges. I don't care for clementines too much; they're too sweet. I like my citris tangy!

zenor- I didn't know they made pealers. That's interesting. I just use the back end of a fork or spoon since I keep my fingernails short.
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