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Default Grocery list: Things you cant live without

I am starting my weight loss journey and trying to find things to get at the grocery store and i want to know what helps you.... what you love.... what you have to get every time to make it through the week! and you can even tell me all the things you get... maybe how you cook them!!! you get the picture... anything helps... lol thanks!

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greek yogurt!
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Rolled oats, brown rice, beans (dry and canned), dried fruit, nuts, fresh produce (whatever is in season), frozen vegetables (for emergencies) and lean meat or tofu.

A well-stocked spice rack too! If you're not familiar, learn to use spices. They can add a lot of flavor without the calories.

Honey is great too. I don't really eat it too often, but I take a teaspoonful a day along with my vitamins and I swear it helps keep my allergies under check.

Oh, yeah. And coffee.

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popcorn, fiber bars, string cheese and sharp cheddar cheese, and a good cereal with fiber.

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Frozen vegetable eggrolls~only 70 cal.
String Cheese

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This is a typical shopping list for me:

costco "real eggs" 30 cals 1/4 cup
goat cheese 60 cals 1 oz
100 calorie english muffins
tuna packed in water
low fat ham
sliced chicken
natural PB
spinich leaves
dried cranberries or blueberries (trader Joes)
greek yogurt
cottage cheese
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what is this greek yogurt? does it taste different? where can i find them?

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One day at a time!
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Here is my list of "must keep in stock" items.

frozen chicken breasts (precooked and not)
Laura's Lean Beef
cooking spray
frozen broccoli
Simply Steam Green Beans And Almonds (Green Giant)
Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedges
Babybel Mini Babybel Light cheese
sugar-free pudding cups
bell peppers
sweet potatoes
frozen tilapia
canned pineapple chunks (for work)
whole wheat bread
microwave popcorn

my one junk item - baked Cheetos

I have to include my steaming bags, especially for use with the frozen vegetables. It would be so hard to do this without them!

This reminded me of an old tread that really helped me. You might be interested in it - http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/100-...-around-2.html

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Red peppers
Grape tomatoes
Lots & lots of other produce, in season -- I'd be more specific but it completely depends on the season
Lots of fruit, in season, depending on sales & the season
Kale, mustard greens or collard greens
Canned tomatoes, no salt added, preferably whole
Low-sodium, low-fat canned chicken broth
Canned beans: Cannellini, black, garbanzos
Plain nonfat yogurt, whatever is on sale, whether Greek or regular
Raw almonds
No salt added, natural peanut butter and almond butter
Water-packed tuna
Fresh fish, often salmon, but watching the sales
Frozen raw shrimp
Chicken leg quarters
Pork loin, flank steak or 93% ground beef
Ground turkey
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greek yogurt has a tang to the flavor that is a pinch more tart than regular plain yogurt. i think its a lower amount of sugar.

my grocery list is

2-4 types of frozen veggies (minimal nutrient loss)
quinoa, or brown rice
90 calorie fruit cups
no sugar added applesauce
kashi good friends cereal
bear naked granola
down under yogurt
a seafood item (scallops, shrimp, ect)
mini bagels (substitute a drizzle of honey instead of butter)
a can of black beans

thats the backbone of my shopping
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Greek yogurt is loaded with protein, def has more tang and is a tad bit thicker. Fage 0% is good when doctored up
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Morningstart bacon and green beans (not together, of course!)
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Mini-goal #4: 20% of SW (202lbs):
Mini-goal #5: Onederland!:

Overall goal
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First let me say this: If you do not have these three things in your kitchen, get them before you worry about the food: dry measure set (cups & spoons, 2.00-8.00) wet measure cup (2 cup capacity, 1-4.00) and a small kitchen scale (i like my 2lb capacity that measures in oz & grams, cost around 15$, the digital are better but more $$) If you dont know for sure you're eating one serving, how can you know what you ARE eating?

Now my food:
Whole wheat white breat
multi-grain cheerios
progresso soup (usually the 90-100 cal/serving kinds)
low-sodium turkey
variety of frozen and canned (low salt) veggies
salad mix
wishbone salad spritzers (15 cal/10 squirts)

Everything else depends on the sales or is not diet friendly b/c I do live with my husband and a toddler.

p.s. good luck!
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Feta cheese. It's good on salads and pasta but I'm not tempted to eat it (or overeat it) by itself.
Garbanzo beans.
Frozen peas.
Berries! lately, I scan the sales flyers, find out what's on sale and then eat them all week for dessert.
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Im doing my grocery shopping tomorrow so im glad I found this!!

I love yellow & orange peppers and fresh fruit & veggies
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