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Default Question about bars (the food, not the place!)

Until now I've steered clear of any kind of protein/energy/etc. bar (i.e. Luna bars, Fiber One, etc.), but I've realized that I'm on the go so often that they might actually be good as a healthy and portable snack. I had tried a few different brands in the past and remember not liking the taste very much, though, and some of them were shockingly high in calories.

So, which bars do you use? What brands taste the best and/or are the healthiest options?
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I used to eat the Kashi Go Lean bars. They are a little pricey but I think all of them are. They were very tasty and kept me full longer than I expected. I also had a piece of fruit along with it as well.
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Polaris, I steer clear for the reason you do--calories are usually high on those things.

Do you like nuts? Raw almonds are awesome and are surprisingly FILLIING! Honestly, try eating 15 the next time you are hungry. That's 105 calories. That keep me satiated a long time, they are way cheaper than the bars and of course much lower calorie. I usually keep little baggies of them in my purse. They don't get crushed easily and are okay to leave in there several weeks.

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I carry a Fiber One bar with me at all times. I don't eat one every day, but in a pinch, they're great. Under 200 calories, which is what they say a snack should be. And yummy!
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I like the EAS Myoplex light bars. They have 190 calories and 15g of protein. I eat this before my training sessions. These are the best tasting ones I've found so far.

Others that are good and high protein are : Supreme Protein, Detour, Oh Yeah, Betty Lou's Nut balls - all of these have about 15 g of protein and 180-200 calories
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Thanks for all the suggestions! Thighs Be Gone, I do like nuts, but for whatever reason they're absurdly expensive where I live ($14/bag). I haven't tried any of these bars, so I think I'll go pick up one or two of each and experiment!

Also, has anyone tried Gnu bars? I poked around online a little bit and these are allegedly amazing.
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I love the option of having bars, as long as they taste great and don't have tooo many calories. I like NutriGrain peanut bars (170cal) and FiberOne(150cal). Sometimes I'll use them as a meal replacement if I had a really heavy lunch or I know I'll have a heavy dinner later. The FiberOne bar keeps me especially full for a long time.

There's many reasons not to eat these things however, mainly because of some of the ingredients i can't pronounce. But I say it's better than eating a BigMac which is what I did before.

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I like to make home-made granola bars, as I can customize them and usually have all the ingredients on hand anyway.
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Pretty harmless really...
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Lately I'm enjoying the Luna chocolate peppermint stick, hellllllooo girl scout cookie taste! I love these suckers & yanno its kinda a great breath freshener too.

Also discovered the mini Lunas, variety box each has 70-80 calories for when I just want a lil treat!
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I've had the Gnu Bars, they are good, but sometimes a little dry. The Orange Cranberry is my favorite, I've also had the Peanut Butter and the Chocolate Brownie, not bad. The PB has a weird aftertaste, but not too bad. I like the think thin protein bars (favorite flavor is white chocolate almond, kind of like a Zero bar if you remember those) - 240-250 cals for most, 20g protein. Are you specifically looking for fiber? Somewhere in one of my threads is a recipe for homeade protein and fiber bars that looked pretty good, and supposedly easy to make. I'll look for it...

Oh, I like the mini Luna & the Kashi Crunchy Protein & Fiber bars as well.

ETA - found the thread I was thinking of. It also had a fun name like your thread so was easy to find.
Bars (specifically, protein & fiber ones, not the ones where everyone knows your name)
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Shannon, thanks a million for the link! I took one of the bar recipes from there, I'm going to be trying it tonight

I'm not necessarily looking for more fiber with the bars...basically just something filling and (at least kind of) nutritious, because my schedule is pretty crazy most days and it's easier to eat something on the go.
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May I make a suggestion? What about an apple, or a banana? Simply because I have tried most of the bars out there, and while I like them, they can cause so much tummy distress ~ at least for me. Now, give me an apple and a bit of peanut butter and I am one happy girl! I also love grapes, and berries. Also citrus is good because it is filling, and it helps reduce water retention, which helps one to not feel so bloated.

IN a pinch... I like the luna bars and the Lara bars.
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I really like SoyJoy, they actually taste good compared to the others i've tried.
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It might be better to bring a fruit or if you have a fridge at your work a veggie (i often bring chopped celery with laughing cow inside it) for a snack instead of the bars. Bars often have tons of sugar in them, even if they say low-fat or whatever other lie they'll come up with to hide the fact that they fill these bars with high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils, etc. These things are all sugars. I have tried the Transitions bars available on the market america site because I am on that program and they are actually pretty good but i prefer a fruit/veggie or a protein shake (again, transitions brand) because transitions pays attention to what your body needs and what your body DOESNT need. and that's important. ALWAYS read the label of any bar (or anything for that matter) that you eat and if it says Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated, fractionated etc DONT put it in your body. you will not benefit from eating it so it isn't really worth it.

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I keep Kashi, South Beach Living High Protein, Mini Luna and Mini Clif bars around. I ALWAYS have some in my purse or drawer or briefcase.

They ARE a great snack in a pinch. I like bars that are 150 cals or less. I do not use them as meal replacements - only as snacks or when I am delayed from a regular meal.

Pros of each:
Kashi - good ingredients, decent amount of fiber/protein for the calories (about 150)

South Beach Living - lots of protein/fiber for the calories (about 140)

Mini Luna - decent balance, nice chocolate, crunchy - light on the calories (70-80)

Mini Clif - filling, dense, chewy, good ingredients - nice snack for the calories (100)

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