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Old 07-16-2009, 09:31 AM   #1
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Default Lets go to the Movies!!!

Last night I took my son to see Transformers. Having been good all day, I got my traditional popcorn and enjoyed the move. Later, when I went to log it, I was shocked to see how many calories are in movie popcorn (especially at the volume you tend to eat it there).

I’m normally a “support your merchant” kinda guy… but I’m gonna need some low cal alternatives to take in. I can buy the Diet Coke there and popcorn for the kids. So I ask:

What is your favorite, movie watching snack alternative?

And for the record, I came in under my calorie budget for the day.
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Ok, I know this isn't what you're asking for, but... I just don't snack during movies!

I grew up in a family where we bought drinks and popcorn or candy during EVERY movie. But all my friends in high school and my (now) husband were people who NEVER got food during movies while they were growing up. So I fell into that habit, and now I don't eat during movies. That's something I hope to pass on to my kids if I ever have any.

As for snacks that might be good to bring with you... do you have access to some sort of inconspicuous bag (or a significant other or teenage daughter's purse) to fit stuff in? Then you could make your own popcorn at home, or bring raw veggies or... well almost anything. Otherwise, you should probably stick to dense snacks that will fit well in pockets, like nuts or dried fruit or jerky. It's easier in the winter when you can wear a big puffy coat, although from your user name, it might never be cold enough for that.
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i always get a nice big diet coke, and bring grapes or cantaloupe in a ziploc bag. loveee the movies

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congrats swimming, i always find it hard to not have that 'extra' serving to save cals. if your going to the movies i would def. go with a diet soda. if your gonna be tempted to munch, plan ahead. take a sweet potato and cut it into really thin chips, dust with olive oil, and bake. this way it's somewhat similar to eating regular potato chips. throw in a baggie w.some almonds and a small amount of some kinda sugar free candy. instant trail mix! if your more the salty kinda guy, forget the choc. and throw in some pistachios. good luck!
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I take a cup of dry cereal in a baggie with me and eat it one little piece at a time.
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Old 07-16-2009, 02:42 PM   #6
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We don't go to the movies often. But I have a weird one......I take Gerber Graduates Puffs. Yep toddler snacks. I mix a couple flavors together in a baggie and I like them. Easy to put in my purse. I have diet soda or a water. I usually can get water for free which is nice. So yep toddler snacks are my movie snacks.
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About a handful of plain unsalted roasted peanuts. And an apple.

This fits into my purse pretty easily.

After that, a couple sticks of sugarfree gum & I'm good to go for a two-hour movie.

And if you go see "Food, Inc.," as I did, you won't want to support the corn industry by consuming popcorn.
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Old 07-18-2009, 05:17 PM   #8
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If I take a snack into a movie (I'm trying to be better about not NEEDING a movie theater snack, it's a movie, not a meal), I take dried mango.
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I really want to see Julie and Julia when it comes out...I thought that was what this thread would be about. But sheesh a movie ABOUT food. Hmmm....

I buy a small popcorn for all of the family to share and bring ziploc baggies to dole it out in. Even movie theater popcorn isnt that bad in small portions. Or I dont eat. For me popcorn=movie, so if I dont eat popcorn, I dont really have a desire for other foods at all.

If I am out with just dh we usually just had dinner so no problem.
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I've just stopped eating at the movies entirely. I find it's easier that way. However, I recommend small things like string cheese. The stuff takes so long to eat it'll preoccupy you during the movie longer, perhaps, and discourage mindless munching.
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Last time I went to the movies, I brought hummus with baby carrots and 100 calories worth of pretzels (about 15 mini twists). The hummus is so smooth and tasty, the textures and crunchiness help you feel like you had a snack that "counts as a snack" and there's enough sweet in the baby carrots to satisfy! (I lean towards savory more than sweet tooth).

I didn't even finish all of it! And I felt energetic and satisfied leaving the movies, rather than heavy and greasy.
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I take a baggie and chop up one or two low-cal granola bars like Kashi and toss in a few nuts and dried cranberries. Very satisfying.
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I must admit that I love popcorn during a movie - we don't go to the movies very often so I consider it a VERY special treat when we do. We get a small bag and share it among all of us (we are a family of 4 - including 1 teenage boy!) so I don't end up eating too much of it. I do like to pack a few "healthier" snacks in my bag as the popcorn tends to go fast - celery and carrot sticks, granola, almonds, and raisins are big faves.
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My inner would advise against trying to smuggle popcorn into the theater (and I'm always the first one to approve of stickin' it to the Man YEAH!). Get the smallest non-buttered popcorn they have, share it if you need to, otherwise keep a granola bar in your purse to head off the pangs
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i never eat in the cinema, but not for dieting purposes. Its too expensive for a start, but also if i get popcorn then i need a drink. If i drink, then ill have to get up to go to the loo at least once, maybe twice if its a long film. But most people dont seem to pee as often as me! So try supermarket popcorn, or japanese rice crackers are very tasty. They have about 400kcal per 100g, but they are so light that its quite a lot in volume. They're filling too, not so salty and have seeds stuck all over them. It'll give you the crunchyness of popcorn too.
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