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Default Greek Lemon and rice soup

traditional greek soup, really yummy!

For 4 persons
Low cal, low fat
ready in 15 min

You need:

2 lb of chicken stock (low fat, if possible)
1/2 lb (250 gr) boiled chicken (optional)
1 cup of boiled rice
Juice of 2 lemons
2-3 whole eggs at room temperature beaten until foamy
pepper to taste

How to: bring the chicken stock to the boil
add rice (and chicken) and let cook for 5 min
add the juice (half first, until soup is a fairly sour
let cool for about 5 minutes, while stirring.
NOW: while constantly stirring, slowly pour soup into egg mixture until whole of mixture hot. ONLY THEN pour back and keep stirring. If all goes well the egg will cook without curdling and the mixture will get thick and creamy. If it curdles, it's been too hot or you haven't stirred it long enough, or the egg mixture was too cold. It's really not difficult, only takes some doing, and it's well worth it.
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Default Yummie veggie burgers

OK, guys, I'm definitely not a veggie, but I do like vegetables, and veggie food.
I know this nice old Lebanese man who has a little deli here in Athens, whose wife makes great chickpea (bean that hummus is made of) patties, like falafel, but fresh!
And easy!
And tasty!
And healthy!
So, here comes

Chickpea patties
serve 4 as a sidedish, eat with salad and bread
about 20 min to prepare

1 lb of chickpeas, dried and put into water overnight, drained
1 very large onion
2 cloves of garlick
fresh parsley
coriander (fresh) or cumin (both optional)
3 eggs (or 5 whites)
2 tbs of olive oil
2-3 tbs of flour

salt and pepper to taste

blend everything together in the blender so that mixture = thick & creamy (you can also leave it a bit chuncky, but it blends less well).
Heat non-stick skillet.
drop little golfbalsized flattened balls and bake the until golden.
Eat warm with salad and some sort of yoghurt/ff sourcream dip and bread.

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Pizza light
low fat, serves 1 as a meal and 4 as a snack
takes 20 min

You need:
arab pita bread (thin bread), about as big as a plate
fresh tomatoes or from a tin
sauteed onion (in water)
drizzle of olive oil
roasted light turkey/chicken/beef whatever
your favorite vegetables (eg. zucchini, egg-plant etc), sauteed

salt pepper oregano to taste

2 tbs full of (fat free) parmezan cheese

How to make:

sautee the onion and any other fresh vegetable in a non-stick skillet with the seasoning for about 5 min.
top the pizza with:
1. the tomatoes
2. the vegetables
3. the meats
4. the cheese

grill for 15 min, don't let it get too brown!
Eat hot
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