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Default Roasted Broccoli Healthy?

So I decided to try and make some roasted broccoli today. I like it steamed, but not enough to eat it as much as I should, and I love when it comes roasted on the UNOS pizza, so why not try it at home haha? So I did and it was WONDERFUL. Like I could eat this the rest of my life. I used olive oil, salt and pepper, garlic powder, and parmesan cheese on it. SO my question: is it still a healthy vegetable with all of this added onto it? Obviously it's the cheese and garlic and salt that make it taste so damn wonderful lol, but I'm not sure if it takes away from it's innate healthiness, and maybe I should not include this as a vegetable to eat all the time. That's my dilemma, my diet calls for a high ratio of protein and vegetables, and I don't like many vegetables. If this fit as a healthy vegetable, then Id be thrilled as I finally found something!

Anyway, sorry for a long post haha. I hope this is the right food forum for this question.

Oh yea, if this isn't healthy, is there a different way I should make the roasted broccoli?
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Did you measure the olive oil? If you measure it and the cheese so you can fit the fat into your daily menu plan, then it would still be healthy I've never had it roasted, I'm going to give it a try! Broccoli is my favorite veggie, I could eat it every day
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You would be better off not roasting with the cheese. If you have a micro plane at home use that for the cheese later on it grates the cheese so fine you feel like you are getting 5 times the amount of cheese. Also, every week I take red peppers, a large bag of mixed frozen veggies, and some onions and roast them. I put the peppers and onions in one bag with a little olive oil and italian seasonings and crushed red pepper and I do the same with the veggies place each bag on its own bakeing sheet with tin foil and spray with pam and roast each untill golden I keep them in seperate containers in the fridge and then I put them on my salad all week long. Being on Weight Watchers the veggies are free so I only have to account for the olive oil. Broccolli roasts well this way also however it needs to be done daily as it does not carry over well.
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As long as it's primarily broccoli and not all cheese I'd say it's good for you! Parmesan is a lower fat cheese to begin with, but it is very salty and it's still cheese, so just be sparing with it.

I love roasted broccoli and almost always fix it that way. I usually use 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil per large head. Then I add a sprinkling of salt and hot pepper flake. It's so good.

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I use an exchange plan, and I save my fats to use in roasting, because I love the flavor. I use strong cheeses for flavors too, but I would also recommend adding the cheese after roasting - also if you're using the green paper can of parmesan cheese - consider buying fresh grated parmesan, romano or asiago (or buy whole and grate yourself, or use a vegetable pealer to shave off cheese).

I use a food scale to measure my foods, including cheese and using fresh cheese, grated on after cooking allows you to use less cheese for more flavor.
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Thanks for all the advice!

I didn't measure the olive oil hehe, I just drizzled it all over, and probably used too much... I'll definitely have to limit that next time, but I so love it.

That mixed veggies idea sounds kinda good. I may have to try that. My mom would prolly like that more than just plain broccoli also hehe.

Yes the cheese was I think real, it was all grated. My mom got it from the deli I think. I don't like it in the can for some reason... just tastes different. I've tried asiago on a mushroom dish, and it burnt on me (I'm not at all a good cook xD)! I love it on bagels though <3.

Sweet, I'm very happy this is an okay dish! So next time I shall use less olive oil, and cheese on it after it's done cooking! I had some today, and while it was less crunchy, it was still very yummy! <3
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Cauliflower is wonderful roasted also. And a tip, when I roast my vegetables I clean them and dry them off and then put them into a ziploc bag. I add usually about a tsp of oil and then close the bag and shake it well. This coats the veggies more evenly with the oil, each piece gets a thin coat and you can get away with alot less oil. I love to do potatoes this way, too. Oh, and carrots, and onions and parsnips and....well, I guess you get the idea...lol..
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This is a great brocolli recipe (not exactly "roasted" since it's in a skillet) and I cut the olive oil down to 1T and it's fine. I can easily overeat on it!!
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