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Question Cereal for Dessert

I'm not sure if I'm the only one that does this or not. But after dinner if I'm hungry for something sweet, I get a very small bowl of cereal with milk and it satisfies me, instead of eating something very very bad that I will regret. Am I weird or are there others of you out there?

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I love cereal for dessert!

Lately it's been one of the sweeter mini-wheat flavours, but I eat it dry. I pour out a bowl and just snack on it and love it. It's crunchy, sweet, filling and it has some fibre and is certainly better than a lot of other options.


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I might do this, if I could be trusted with sweet cereal in the house!

Regrettably, I'd just eat it by the handful when I wasn't meant to. But if you can use portion control, that's a good option!

I buy individual 100 - 150 calorie frozen treats (ice cream bars, sandwiches, etc). I have one each night. It's satisfying and I work it into my plan for the day.
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I do this all of the time...when I first started out calorie counting and actually ended each day with calories to spare I'd have cereal for dessert. I think thats why now when I have a bad day I find it so difficult to say no to cereal.
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I've done this; if I want something sweet and also something that's at least somewhat filling, I'll measure out a cup of a lower calorie cereal (like Special K) and just eat it dry. It's a good option when I'm still a little bit hungry, want dessert, and therefore don't want to otherwise use of the rest of my calories on an unsatisfyingly tiny amount of dark chocolate..

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I have to be very careful with any high carb food. Even the "best" whole grain ones can trigger hunger for me, but when I have an irresistable craving for cookies or other sweets I go for a bowl of cereal or oatmeal.

One of my favorite light desserts (or breakfasts) is a bowl of oatmeal with a scoop of no sugar added vanilla icecream. I used to use the flavored instant oatmeal packets, but I don't eat that much sugar anymore (though calorie wise, it still compared favorably to an actual cobbler with ice cream that it reminded me of). Even with the instant oatmeals, it's a little too filling to eat as a dessert after any but the smallest meals, but it really feels like you've had something decadent and ridiculously high in calories.
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My entire family eats cereal for night time snacking I guess you could say!

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Ha! I just bought the Blueberry muffin Frosted mini-wheats to use as a "sweet" in the afternoon.....at 24 pieces/serving, it is filling! I usually don't even eat that much!
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I gave up dry ceral with milk for breakfast long ago, because it doesn't fill me up. I would eat 4 bowls. But I've always liked it as a snack. But I just don't keep it in the house because if I only had it for a snack once in a while, it would just get stale.e
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I'd love to do this, but I just can't. Cereal is for breakfast only for me.

Ben & Jerry's came out with single serve cups of their most popular flavors. I buy the vanilla, cookie dough, and fudge brownie flavors. They're right around 200 calories each, give or take a few, and satisfy my ice cream craving while allowing me a dessert I love. They're also about $1 each, which satisfies my budget requirement as well.
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I am a cereal addict. I bought bran flakes and have those with a sliced banana when I am hungry after dinner. I love it. I'm trying to cut back on the cereal that I eat though, as it's way too much.
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