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Dagny18 04-06-2014 03:59 PM

X Factor ST Dvd
I just finished week 1 (there are 8 weeks total of dvds)
I was wondering if anyone else had done this program and had advice or results to share.
I remember doing it to maybe week 3 a long time ago and I stopped. I don't remember why but maybe it was too hard for me then. I want to finish it this time through :^:

Dagny18 05-17-2014 05:30 PM

Update: I am on Week 8 dvd of the program.
There are 3-4 bonus dvds I am going to try after I finish the last day of Week 8 (which should be Monday)

I am always motivated to read results of people who have done something I am about to do and if I read "oh I lost 4 inches off of my thighs" I am more motivated to do that, you know?
So I will post my results in case anyone else wants to do this program.

There are 8 dvds so you do 1 each week. It is to get harder as you progress. These dvds consist of 4 different circuits that you do twice. All exercises are body weight things so you do not need any equipment other than your shoes. No band or hand weights needed.
Each dvd (except I noticed week 8) has someone who is doing modified exercises so that if you are not up to their performance you can still do the exercise. I found some of the exercises to be high impact with things like squat jumps, split lunges, frog leaps ect. Also, there are some movements with push-ups, planks ect that you might have to do on your knees. Therefore, I would recommend that anyone doing this have a decent fitness base. Maybe you should be able to walk easily for 30 minutes as your fitness base before you try this. I mean, I can't really jog at all so it isn't like that, but I know if I was just starting out I'd not be able to keep up with this.

Results wise, I never measured or really took pictures. I am also not perfect with my food, although I had given up ice cream for a whole month. Outside of this program, I have been trying to do a workout everyday so on days between these (I do this every other day as it is my strength program) I do some kind of cardio which is usually walking, biking, or a dance dvd.
I feel like my belly is a little flatter than it was before. Especially around the belly button which is the biggest part. Also, I feel like I have a little more endurance before. I have started walking outside again with the nice weather, and compared to the fall when I walked I am able to jog a little longer now. Strength wise I think my core is a little stronger but when I tried to do my Total gym in the basement after a long absence from it, I notice that some of the exercises are harder at the same level. So maybe I am not as strong overall anymore.

Just thought I would update this.

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