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Default What t home DVD's have you tried that you really enjoyed? (and saw results!)

On Feburary 1st at my work we are starting this contest for all the women who want to join (mostly women work there.) We all are going to "pay" $40 to enter and t ends April 1st, whoever loses the most will win. One of our RN (registered nurses) will asess all of us so there's no way anyone can cheat the numbers haha. The way to determine the winner is still kind of in the air, not sure if to go by pounds, BMI lost, inches or whatnot but It will be fair. I have no input on this sadly since everyone has their ideas of what's fair.

I really really want to win this, the prize will calculate to $600. There's about 15 of us joining and we all have very different bodies and our age differs from 23-53. I think I will be doing fairly good with my diet eating wise but I KNOW I will have to excersise to give me that extra edge. Joining the gym is pretty hard for me (money/time wise) so I'm looking forward to going out and doing some walking/jogging but im also looking for an at home workout I can add to that. I have a few dumbells but I doubt I use them correctly to target muscles.

Have any of you ladies tried a certain DVD that was fun to do and showed you results? This has gotten me VERY motivated for my weightloss, not just the money but knowing most of my coworkers won't be tempting me with food around every corner lol. I have tried Zumba DVDs and thought that was really fun though I felt really awkward doing it since I don't have much rhythm lol My fitness level starting is very low as is my self esteem so what best place to turn for workout ideas than you lovely ladies any suggestions or tips will help me greatly and be appreciated!

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There is an exercise video section on this site but I think it's mostly Walk Away the Pounds which is fun but might not be what you're looking for.

My husband and I love the Got Bands? DVD (you can find it on Amazon) which is pretty much just a woman showing proper technique for using resistance bands (it's about 45 minutes of resistance bands + cool down) We started in August last year and have some major muscles to show for it. We use medium to heavy bands right now but we're ready to switch to lifting heavy. Many women here lift heavy and that might be your best bet for boosting muscle and losing inches.

Good luck with the contest!
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39 Dat Shred is a good one I hear.

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$600 is a great incentive, wow!!! Good luck!!!

I really like the Leslie Sansone walking dvds (except I just do them online as they are free that way). She's easy to follow, pretty basic steps but she kicks my butt every time even when I think I am finally getting used to it. Even though it's walking themed, she adds in a few arm exercises and I do find my heart rate getting up there with the whole workout which is so important. She has more themed videos but I only do the walking ones.

I am excited for you; think of all the new clothes and shoes you can buy with your $600 prize and new smaller body!
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I bought the 3 mile walk away the pounds dvd for $5 at walmart
This is fun and it is a workout
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I love Walk Away the Pounds! I was so hesitant to try it because I thought it would just be walking in place, but it is actually really fun, and a great workout as well! I bought the Ultimate Collection from Amazon for cheap and it came with a stretchy band (used in the longer walks). I use 3 pound dumbbells (I am thinking about getting weighted gloves) in the place of the 1 pound weighted balls she uses for the 1 mile walk and they work fine. Not only is it fun but I do not feel stupid doing it unlike a few other videos I have tried where I have refused to let anyone else see me.

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I like P90X, Supreme 90 Day, and Insanity. Supreme 90 Day is a really good one for the money- it's like $20 or something on Amazon and is just as comprehensive as P90X. P90X and Insanity are both Beachbody programs and are kind of expensive.
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I'm doing P90X right now. Definitely a challenge but a great intense workout.

Just for suggestions sake... I would definitely go by body fat percentage lost as it will be the only real way to determine who has lost the most for their height, age, gender etc.

Good luck!
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Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred hands down...I got amazing results and you don't have to do it in only 30 days, I did it for longer. Also her Ripped in 30 is great too. I've seen people get good results for P90X as well but I didn't do that one.

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Cardio Force by Annie Mairs has been my fave for months now. See a clip of it here - http://www.collagevideo.com/workout-...dio-force-5582

I baby my knees so I do not do everything they do, I modify any high impact to low or no impact. But it makes me sweat and wish that it was over, lol, that's my cue that's it's hard but doing good for me.
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Any Jillian Michaels dvd. Even my friends have asked me for copies of my dvds cuz they see I get results and now they are getting results.

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I love walk away the pounds and use 5 lb weights on my arms for some of them. I think the weights are made for the legs but they work great on the arms.
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I'm another advocate of the Leslie Sansone DVDs.
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All these suggestions are great. Honestly, I use a bunch of fitness DVD 's and mix and match. Keeps my body guessing. You don't have to stick to just one workout.
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HASfit, BeFit in 90 and other YouTube videos. I like to mix and match to keep my body guessing and so I won't get bored.
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