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Default Weights for two people (P90x / Chalean Extreme)


Iíd really appreciate some advice on which weights I should buy.

About 4 years ago I was in good athletic shape/little to no fat. I didnít do any weightlifting; it was just fitness/strength from regular sports. Iíve since not been exercising much and have gained 15kg and no doubt lost muscle weight as well. Now Iíve got a bit more spare time Iím on a mission to get fit and finally got P90x. Seeing it, my girlfriend wanted to do something similar, but since she is a bit worse shape than me, we thought we would do Chalean Extreme together.

We currently need some weightsÖ which is where the problem comes in.

What would you suggest? Looking at the suggested weights we will need the range goes from about 5lb (2.3kg) for beginner females up to 30lb (13.6kg) for an intermediate male Ė which I guess should be good for us for the short term at least. Weíre going to need weights that more or less cover that range.

Iím reluctant to get lock-stop dumbells as I had them before and found the slip of the stop very irritating. I can also see the changing of the discs as being a real inhibitor to a fast paced workout. Iíve seen the expensive ďfast changeĒ dumbells, but they are beyond our price limit Ė especially since weíd need two sets if we are going to work out together.

Iím thinking of getting a few pairs of set weight dumbbells that broadly cover the range above. For just under 200 pounds I can get:
2x 4kg (9lb)
2x 7kg (15lb)
2x 10kg (22lb)
2x 12.5kg (28lb)
A link to an example is here: (Can't post the link, but they are the York Rubber Hex Dumbbells available on Amazon.co.uk)

What do you think of this choice/option? My budget is pretty maxed at this price point, so canít really add more weights, at least not at the higher end of the scale. Will 4 different weights be enough to be starting off with Charlean (and later p90x)? What do you think about the split Iíve got? Iím hoping that the 4kg isnít too heavy for my girlfriend, I suppose if it we could afford to get a 2kg as well.
Any other options?

Would also be interested to know any opinions on those York Hex weights I linked. I like the fact they are fixed and wonít roll. I hear also that they can be fairly well stacked just on top of each other.

Thanks for any advice!
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