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Default Free DVD offer

I can't put up a proper link b/c I'm too new but if you go to: NowLoss.com there is a free exercise DVD they are offering. Mine arrived within a few days.

It's somewhat rudimentary compared to other fitness videos but it has quite a few routines on it. I was primarily looking for a new DVD to do in the winter months where I'm basically regulated to my basement for my exercise.

There's some hardcore routines like lifting a heavy truck tire at the park but some of the ones I've tried are:

1. Doing a straight-elbow plank while balancing your hands on two towels against the wall on a tile floor. The object is too stabilize yourself using you core for ten seconds b/c the floor is slippery. It sounds ridiculous but it promises to give you a good ab workout in only four minutes. It's harder than it looks.

2. The other routine I've tried is one where you can lift either a kettlebell (which I use) or a dumbbell high above your head from the floor each time a total of ten times for ten sets. Between the sets, he has you do twenty jumping jacks to keep your heart rate elevated. Again, it sounds funny but it promises to pump up your arms in only ten minutes. My arms have never been this toned, lol. My shoulders and biceps hurt like nobody's business the next day but in a good way.

I will say that stacked up against the other more professional-looking videos it might be considered kind of 'campy' but free is free, right? They also tell you how to modify your equipment if you don't have what it takes to perform that particular routine.

Just wanted to pass along my findings. Thanks.

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thanks for the headsup. I actually have had this site in my bookmarks for over a year - I visit it for the diet plans and workout sometimes. Would of missed out on the free DVD though, so thanks!
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