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Default does zumba really work?

i've been wanting to get the zumba dvd's for a while now but want to make sure they really help you lose weight...so if its helped you or not please let me know thanks
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Zumba is a great workout. Really, any type of fitness program that gets you moving will work as long as you do it consistently and eat healthy.
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i love love love zumba. i don't know what the dvd's are like, but i've been going to classes at the gym. it is a great workout and soooo much fun. lost 28 lbs or so since january with just zumba as my main exercise. i occasionally run, use the elliptical, step class, kickboxing, etc. but i do zumba at least 5 times a week

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Zumba is amazing fun! I think you could lose weight doing it, as long as you put 100% into moves. I think after a while you should incorporate some other cardio so you don't plateau.

I find classes more motivating and fun. I don't go as often because I've been going to spin. I'm looking forward to owning some of those parachute pants with tassels on the bum someday... super cute when you 'shake it'! Lol.

Keep up the good work
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Any cardiovascular activity will burn calories and help you create a calorie deficit, provided you are eating the right amount of calories. I say go for it! Have fun!!
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It's definitely working for me! I have been doing the dvd's for about a month, a few times a week. Not only have I lost weight but I can see my body changing and my stomach muscles feel hard. I also feel much fitter.

I'm not even close to getting bored of doing the dvd's and I actually kind of crave it if I haven't done it for a day or two. It's the best money I've spent in a long time.

I promise I'm not getting paid to say all this
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Location: california
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S/C/G: 198/185/140

Height: 5'7"


thanks you guys
im new here and am amazed that you get so much support and motivation...and im gonna go ahead and buy the dvds its seems like a lot
of fun and the way you guys explained it made me want to join the fun too! so thanks again
oh and eyks your right about does pants there soooo cute...lol
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I don't do the DVDs but I'm taking the classes at the Y and have noticed a nice change in my core strength and am getting nice inches-lost measurements in my arms, hips and thighs so I'm happy. I agree with the pp who said it's v. addictive. I've even downloaded some of the music we use in class to my Ipod because my body is very memory-oriented and my heart rate actually increases a bit just hearing the music from class, which helps in my strength training workouts.

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That's true...Good idea to get your own copy of the music.
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How powerful it really is, that actually depends upon the work out. There's a large amount of calories burn, as well as if you're in fact working hard (and sweating), then you definitely are burning more calories.
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I hate working out with other so I don't go to the gym and don't attend group programs.

I only did the Zumba DVDs for four months and lost 14 pounds. I was eating 1300 calories per day as well.

It's fun, makes you sweat and work. My legs never looked better than when I did Zumba. I love it since it's mostly dancing and never gets boring. I imagine live classes are even better, but this is what worked for me and what I keep coming back to.

The downside is your body gets used to the routine and it stops being a challenge after a couple of months so I just mix it up with the 30 Day Shred or something like that.

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I think what makes Zumba so successful, is it's not a regular work out. You're not counting pushups, doing jumping jacks and timing your runs. It's easier to enjoy because you want to wiggle your hips. I think I want to join a dance class just because I hate excercising. By that, I mean I hate doing a routine. 3x a week at the gym sucks and is hard to convince myself to go. When I went for zumba, it was easy to go because we got to ZUMBA that day. It was also helpful having friends laughing at you or laughing at them as we attempt to salsa.

I like to hike, bike, dance, play basketball or tennis. I don't like to run or do repetitive movements. Zumba helps. It's fun, and it gets you moving!
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I have been really wanting to try Zumba, but I think I may lack the coordination to do it. I am a bit clumsy and not a great dancer. Still it looks like a lot of fun and people seem to have good results with it. Maybe I will reconsider trying it out!
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I'm by no means very coordinated, but I love Zumba. You just have to go and give it a try...it took me a few months before I felt like I knew what I was doing, but I've loved every minute.
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I am an instructor and Yes, Zumba does work. I have seen students lose weight doing zumba. they also paid attention to their diet. Don't worry about not being coordinated, zumba is for everyone.
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