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Default Time, time, time... NO TIME!!!

So, the last time I did any kind of workout program I had one child and no job... Apparently finding time to do this with a 10 hour a day job and two kids is going to be much much harder. Waking up two hours earlier is an option, but just really hard to do. lol. And I found last night that doing anything while my kids are awake that doesn't involve them is forbidden. (2 years old and 6 months old) To my dismay, I have pushed beginning my workout to prepare for insanity until next week. Not a good way to start. Is anyone in a similar situation time wise?
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Oh, yes. I work 12 hrs/day, 4 days/week, have 2 boys (though not as young as your kiddos), plus going to school and teaching. In fact, I had to skip tonight because I have homework, and have to make dinner for the kids for tomorrow, and have to sleep sometime. I really love to exercise, but can't really lose weight because I'm having a hard time fitting in the hour a day to make it happen. All we can do is our best until they add about another 6 hours to the day ) Good luck to you!!

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I'm not, but here are some suggestions:

- Wake up earlier, as you mentioned. I know it's hard, but you just need to decide if fitness is worth it.

- Are you a single mom, or is someone around to help? If you have a husband or partner or friend, make a deal with them. All you need is 20-30 minutes a day to work in a quick workout.
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Thanks for all the support y'all. I decided the only way to make it work is wake up earlier. My thing is when that alarm clock rings I just get up without thinking about what I'm doing and once I'm up I can jump into it. I started this morning, and hopefully can keep up the will power to continue. I'm doing the firm until I order insanity.
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Things that have worked for me with 2 young kids, an 11 1/2 hour day, full-time school, and a myriad of pets...

- Walk during your lunch hour.
- Walk during any breaks that you have. Even if it's 5 or 10 minutes.
- Play music while you cook and clean and DANCE to it.
- Include your kids in your workouts. Put the baby in a bouncy seat, exersaucer, whatever you have, and invite the two year old to join in. Vinyasa Yoga, dance based DVDs, and lots of aerobics are fit for this. Talk to baby and encourage your two year old while you workout. Get GOOFY. Watching mommy bounce around the familyroom and laugh and talk and "play" is FUN to them. They don't see the workouts as WORK like we do.
- Go for walks with the kids after dinner. Pushing a stroller adds resistance!
- Get one of those pull-behind carts for your bike and take them for bike rides.
- Do strength moves while you cook and clean. Lunge from room to room instead of walking when you're cleaning, "jump rope" in place while stirring a pot on the stove, etc.
- If you work in an office environment you can do mini-moves at your desk. Google something along the lines of "desk exercises"

And above all, mix it up. If you have your kids do a video with you one night take them for a walk the next -- if you don't let it get boring and repetitve they'll be happy participants.


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Evoo, that's really inspiring. If you can do it with all you have on your plate, I shouldn't have a problem. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond.
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