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Default ? for those doing JM 30 day shred

I am on day 3 of the shred (trying for 30 consecutive days) and have noticed that with each progressive day I am not doing as an effective of a workout due to muscle soreness and tired muscles especially my shoulders. Does this just even out or should I be taking rest days in between? Thanks for any input.
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My personal opinion is to maybe take a days rest. Your muscles need rest to heal. Maybe just take it light and do a light work out in place of the 30ds if you dont want to take the whole day off.

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You should be doing 30 day shred every other day..need to give the muscle time to rest.
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I always wondered about this... people say they do it every day and I can't imagine how. I am *sore* every time I do it and would feel bad working those same muscles again the next day.

I do try to do it with the most weight I can - 8 lbs for all the exercises but only 5s for the front raises - pretty much to failure. My shoulders are always killing me the next day and definitely needed to recover. But maybe if you use weights that feel easy to you, you could do it every day?

Also, I never heard anyone say what you are supposed to move on to after the 30 days... (Just curious - I use this workout as a back-up when I can't get to the gym and will probably never do it for a month straight ...)
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I am doing it for 30 days straight, no breaks, and on Day7 today of Level 1. It looks like they only use 5 lb weights in the video and they are straining at parts. I use 3 lb because that is all I have. I could use heavier in parts but definitely not 8, I think that would kill me. I suggest you just try it with 3 lbs when you are really sore. I have been pretty sore until yesterday and today. My thighs are a bit sore but not like the first few days when it hurt to sit down, ha! I feel like I could go on to level 2 already but am just going to keep going and see how I do at 10 days of each until my 30 days are up. GL
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I just completed day 10 of L2 and have worked out 20 times in 23 days - took 3 days off due to work - but otherwise have done every other day consecutively. I use 5 pound weights and some days I do struggle but I am definitely seeing the pay off now. Even though mathematically I should be going on to L3 I think I'm going to stick with L2 until Friday as I finally today am able to do everything without breaks and mistakes.

Some days I'm more tired then others so I don't push myself as hard but what motivates me is that I'm doing something and now I can see the benefits!
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