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Default I need some stregnth training DVD advice...

G'day ladies. So... I need some advice...

Disclaimer up front: I know a lot of people are bothered when people ask questions that can be researched online. But I have researched this - over researched really. Everything that has a bunch of 5 star reviews has a lot of 1 star reviews too. The 1 stars are the ones I focus on, so then nothing seems worth buying! I even spent 2 hours last night watching all of the exercise videos on demand... and I still can't find what I want. So I'm at your mercy begging for help!

FYI - I found 30DS great - but I currently have shin splint issues - so the jumping jacks and such don't work.

I own and elliptical, and I'm doing that for my cardio.

So I want a stregnth traingin DVD that...

1. Works both upper and lower body (can be in different segments)
2. No jumping, running in place, or anything else that will make my shins hate me more
3. Will work with the equipment I have: dumb bells (3lbs, 5lbs, 8lbs, 10lbs (??)), resistence bands
4. Will help me see results quickly, like 30DS.

I can buy another set of dumbbells or two, but I don't want to buy a bench, incline, and entire $300 system, etc... I'll be using a kitchen chair as my "lifting chair"

Thanks ladies! Much appreciated!!
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I did 30DS once and couldn't walk for several days afterward because all the lunges killed my knees.
However, I have Jillian's No More Trouble Zones and like it.

Also, I like Gilad's Quick Fit and Express Workouts. The Quick Fit hits all the body parts in 20 min workouts for each body part. Express has 10 minutes per muscle group. You can mix and match for whatever you want to work that day. Express is cheaper too.

Jari Love's Get Ripped series hits all muscles groups in an hour.

You still might want to watch clips of these at collagevideo.com or totalfitnessdvds.com to see if they appeal to you.
A workout and instructor are individual preferences. Some people like certain ones and some people hate them. I'm usually reluctant to make recommendations because what I might like, you might hate.

Good luck
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Kathy Smith's Lift Weights to Lose Weight or her Slimdown Circuit DVD have basic separate upper and lower body workouts.

Jari Love's original (her other workouts are quite advanced and have more of an upperbody focus) Get Ripped is a nice basic total body weight training workout. There's a part on the DVD that even goes over form pretty good. It just requires dumbbells (the step and barbell is optional, they show modifiers just using dumbbells)

deepdiscountdvd usually has workouts the cheapest...

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So... I ordered Key Smith's Lift Weights to Lose Weight, and Jillian's No More Trouble Zones. From what I gather NMTZ only has jumping jacks in the warm up, and I'll just do something else.
Thanks ladies
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