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hiddenstar 06-18-2014 03:51 PM

June chat

I'm new to the featherweights. But I really don't belong in the goodbye 130's or 140's due to my height. And I don't want to be lonely in my own group. I might make it into the 140's but if I do I would be a permanent member. :)

My first goal is 150 which I have 7 more pounds to go. Then I'll decide if I need to go lower. I finding it frustrating that I don't know what my end weight should be. I still have a lot of chub in my inner thighs and stomach that I don't know if it will go away in the next 7 pounds. So that makes me think that I need to go lower. Anyone else experiencing something similar?

Sum38 06-23-2014 10:07 AM

Hi hiddenstar and welcome.

I guess us feathers are not very chatty :(

I am still quite far from my first goal...but I am starting to think that like you, I have to go lower. I am 140 pounds and set a goal of 125... I have more than 15 pounds of fat left though....

I am struggling a bit to get OP though. I have a trip coming up in September, maybe I can use that as my motivation.

Stefania 06-25-2014 03:46 AM

Hi hiddenstar! I'm new to the forum in general. Still getting the hang of things here. Welcome to both of us! Unfortunately, unless I get really skinny (which I never have!), I still have chub around the upper thighs. That's genetic for me though. My tum doesn't suffer the same fate thankfully :)

Sum38 06-30-2014 07:56 AM

Welcome Stefania!!

Let's hope we get the Feathers unite and start chatting and supporting each other!

I don't feel like a feather today; I had a sodium rich, food and drink heavy weekend away. -- Plan for today is to fast till dinner and eat 500 calorie meal. I have been trying to follow the 5:2 plan...trying...LOL! If I stick to it, it works great, but again I took atleast week to 10 days off.

I have a big trip planned to Europe in early September. I would love to drop 10-13 pounds and be a solid size 6 by then!! Just need to get my head on board :dizzy:

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