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iixi 02-24-2014 01:24 PM

Alll kiinnds of gainss...
Alright. I'm here, I'm ready to do this.

About me:
I am 5'5"- 5'6" (not sure!), 21 years old. I currently work 36 hours, 3 days a week at an adult family home where we cook the buttery, most delicious creations to serve our residents. When I'm not working I am an hour away from where I live to spend time with my loved ones.

Weight loss history:
Since about a year ago when restricting calories turned borderline anorexia, i've struggled with my weight since. Of course if you make horribly drastic changes and can't keep up with them, it'll come back with more. I went from about 148-124 in a couple months eating practically 300-800 calories then from 124 to 165 in about a few weeks-month with binge eating. I've settled in the 145-150 range but for me to actually feel good I need to be around 135.

Along with those gains I lost my confidence. I remember how I was at 125 and miss it, but I was not healthy.

Long term goals:
*My method for this is a mix of intermittent fasting and intuitive eating. Meaning I eat only when I am hungry and I do it in a window. On my days off that window will be from 11 to 7 and on work days it'll be from 10-6.
*I'll be more wary of my portions and limit my portions of processed, sugary or buttery foods. I'll try to stay as natural as possible but I will also not cut anything I like out because that will set me up for failure.
*I will also find myself a gym membership and start lifting again.

Here was me, I believe this was when I was about 128-130

And here was me struggling with my binge eating at around 160

The plan:
My goal is to weigh daily and keep strict intermittent fasting. I will try to make healthy choices but not cut out everything as for me this leads to binging.

Basically to have fun and keep track on here of what I eat or do! I don't HAVE to do anything and I'm not going to set a calorie limit or schedule for exercise or weigh every day. It's life, it's a new direction. It's positive, no need to make it stressful! :)

I plan on rewarding myself for weight/inches loss. Not food, but more "expensive" things I wouldn't usually buy. I need a new laptop ;)

iixi 02-24-2014 01:59 PM

Feb 24
This post will be a little longer then usual but it's the start of a week and the first accountability post.

Let me give yall a visual of what my work days look like. I work fri (10 hours) sat and sun (26 hours together) at an adult family home taking care of 6 elderly with 1 other girl. We prepare all their meals and bake for them as well.

Basically every thing we make except breakfast is pre-planned by the boss, but all the food is delicious goodness with SUCH SUCH butter and sugar... you can see that when I'm there it's the hardest to be a good girl. So this weekend I was naughty! :devil:
Starting weight: 148.4
Measurements: (lightly draped around limb) <---* personal note because next week I might try to squeeze a measurement*
biceps: 12 in
thighs: 23in
waist: almost 28 in
hips: almost 37 in
bum (around hips and bum): 39 in
calves: almost 15in

Pre-plan pic:

Commentary: So 148.4... I was actually expecting 148. It seems to be the number I hit and realize that I'm feeling bloated and need to re-evaluate what i've been eating. As for the measurements, well, I need dat *** to grow lmao.
I take this picture and realize I don't look BAD. I'm not a skinny girl, never will be... but the problems aren't so much weight itself, it's lack of muscle definition and being out of shape. Moving forward I know I'm obviously not as big on the outside as I feel.

For breakfast my favorite thing to have is two scrambled eggs (FRESH cause we got chickens! :dizzy: ) and a piece of lightly buttered toast.

more to come~

iixi 03-04-2014 11:54 AM

Didn't keep track last week and was up .8... Considering what i was eating im surprised that was all. You know its very hard to keep to your guns when people are trying to sabotage you.

So lets see what today is. Yesterday i had 3 scrambled eggs, a light coffee (keurig with cream and sugar) a banana

Lunch was a premium mcwrap with no cheese and half the wrap torn off, dinner was a mcchicken, no mayo. Started at 1130am... Ended on 6:40pm

147.8! Yayyy!

ange82much 03-11-2014 04:11 AM

Well, you look great, so don't let yourself think otherwise!

Good luck with the dieting. Sounds like the best and hardest thing you should do is lose weight really slowly so you don't get stuck on the yoyo thing again. Easier said than done though!

Keep updating us.

iixi 03-12-2014 06:25 PM

Thanks! :)

So today I was 144.8! So happy about that because I wanted to be 145 by the end of the week. I'm prepared for fluctuations but I am steadily losing even though I'm on my period.

Only eating when hungry. I'm not conforming to anything specific. Intermittent fasting is helping immensely.

iixi 03-17-2014 04:56 PM

143.2 :)

iixi 04-09-2014 07:40 PM


People have noticed my loss, and I feel it... I've slipped up a few times and I'm trying not to weigh every day for my sanity... But I am still trying not to eat after 6 and make good choices

jenjen120122 04-10-2014 06:22 PM

I just saw your thread for the first time. It sounds like you're making really good progress!

Even in those before pics, wow your waist is TINY! As someone who has never had a really defined waist even at my very skinniest, I'm jealous already. You'll be even more of a knock-out when you make your success here, I'm sure. Good luck!!

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