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Default Featherweight Maintainers -- how does it work for you?

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd pose this question here rather than the maintainers board because specifically I wanted to ask about maintenance ranges. I know some people on the maintainers board have ranges of +/- 10lbs, which I totally get for someone who has lost a significant amount of weight, but doesn't really make sense for me.

For those who are maintaining, how wide is your maintenance range? I feel like I want to be between 125 and 127, which I understand is unreasonably narrow. But while I don't want to go over 127, I don't really want to do the work necessary to get below 125 to allow myself some wiggle room. Does that make sense?

I just feel like if I get to a certain weight and say, Ok, here, I'm happy with this weight, I then have to lose a bunch more pounds to allow for sodium (love my pho soup!), TOM, etc.

Am I just being lazy and the clear answer is JUST GO LOSE THREE MORE POUNDS GIRL? Do I just have to face the fact that my happy weight is actually my red line, and I need to live below it day-to-day?
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My maintenance range is 120-124. Honestly I want to be under 120 but I seldom see it. I'm happy at 120-121. Less happy but still okay at 122. 123-124 means it's time cut back on the food a little.

When I was losing I got as low as 114 for about 15 minutes, but that was a little gaunt for me and I've bounced back since then. Honestly if you can lose the three more pounds I'd suggest doing it to give yourself a little bounce back room.

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I am still working at maintence so NO expert here...the last time I was at a Goal Weight I was about 8 to 10 lbs heavier I stayed there about a year. due to depression and back to thinking I could eat it all I put on 25 lbs.It took 2 yrs to get my head straight.
This time I choose a much lower weight to maintain at 122 to 127. I start restricting calories at 125. I also this time around realize it will go up a pound or 2 for no reason and come back off. So am trying to get better about ebb and flow.
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Mine is 118-121 and I don't have trouble staying within that range, with the exception of particularly indulgent weekends (usually involving Asian food, ha!). I am happiest to see 118.something or 119.something but 120.something is great too. At Featherweight weights, I really don't think three pounds is worth worrying about. And I know same7lbs that you are very active - at deficit calories you just cannot physically run or lift as much.
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Mine in 103-110, quite wide for a featherweight. I am quite petite, btw.

103 gives excellent room for wiggling a bit.
105 is goal and usual weight.
108 I don't feel comfortable anymore.
110 absolute red line.

I would prefer to lose those 3 lbs and breathe a little easier, than living in the red line.
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I have a similar range to Krampus - 118-122. I seem to be ok to stick within that range most of the time unless I wind up eating out quite a bit for a few days straight. For the most part, as long as my body can do what I want and I don't feel sluggish or like I'm struggling, I tend not to worry if I'm a bit over or a bit under.

Honestly, I've been down to 115 but it required more effort than I was willing to put in long-term at this point and it isn't worth it to me for now to try and stay that low, so I've decided that I'm happy with the range I have.

Only you can decide how active you are and how important the actual number on the scale is to you, versus how you feel/measurements/how your clothes fit.
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