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Leaves 07-01-2013 03:09 PM

July Feathers' Chat
Hey guys!

Can't believe it's July already! That means it's less than six months until Christmas and the days have started getting shorter again, boo! However, there's still plenty of summer time left, so let's make the most of it :)

I had a terrible weekend with a sinus infection and plenty of bad food. Miraculously I seem to have got away with only a 1lb gain (thought it'd be more like 6lbs!) so I'm feeling okay with that. Back on plan today and feeling much better- going off really makes me feel yucky :(

How are all you beautiful chicks doing this month?

ETA: I guess it's not summer for everyone, in which case, woo your summer is on the way!

chahma 07-01-2013 04:14 PM

Hello ladies! Hard to believe it's July already, wow!

Well I decided to start the month off well (there's always a nice psychological boost as thinking of this month as a "fresh start") – I am eating on plan today AND I managed to try out the new Jillian Michael’s kickboxing DVD. I know it’s been like a month off since I’ve exercised so I didn’t think I was *that* out of shape… well 10 minutes in, I seriously thought I was going to pass out, I was dizzy and everything. I had to stop the DVD 2 times to just do a few laps around and get my heart rate down. I don’t know if it’s because she does a lot of quick on the floor & pop back up moves and I’ve always found the switch really difficult, even in my previous kickboxing classes… or I’m truly really out of shape. Either way, afterwards I felt accomplished even though it was only 20 minutes… so perhaps the motivation will continue.

Tomorrow is weigh in day – hoping for about a 2 lb loss, basing it upon my daily weigh-ins this past week, BUT I did kind of "carb overload" yesterday and went WAY over my points (but not weekly allowance) and I was up a bit today. We'll see if I go back down. I have a “going away” type potluck gathering in the evening, so I’m making a yummy tea cake, but I will not be eating any, LOL.

Hope July has begun well for you all!

aspen13 07-01-2013 04:31 PM

Leaves: Sorry about your sinus infection. I hope you are feeling much better now.

Chahma: Good for you getting in a great start to July. Scary that you got dizzy with the JM DVD. I bet by the end of the month you will kick butt with the DVD.

I really can not believe it's July already. My son turns 15 next month. Can not believe it, coming up way too fast. My month started out well with a weight loss, 153.6 to 152.4, but also started with my dad having a stroke yesterday evening. We are blessed that it did not affect his brain. I had to give myself a talking to and came to the conclusion that I can not control what is happening to him or what will happen but that I am in control of myself. I am going to remain pushing myself with exercise and eating healthy. I can see the 140s getting very close and so ready to dive in...then ready to see them go bye bye just as fast as the 150s (I hope).

Here's to all of us having a really good July!

ange82much 07-02-2013 04:31 AM

Shortest day of the year already gone past here and spring is on it's way!! Actually I love winter here as it's normally sunny and temps in 70's.

Right. July is the month where I need to get into the 120's and that's my aim. The major spanner on the horizon for this one is 2 weeks holiday in UK starting on Sunday. My plan is to have 3 alcohol days when I'm there.... one the first Wednesday when it's my Dad's birthday, the second on Friday when we're staying at some friends house, the third whenever I want it!

The major discipline with this will be on the journey there and back since we're flying first class and normally I'd have a couple of champagnes in the lounge, some wine with my meals etc, especially when celebrating the start of a holiday, but my diet is more important on this occasion so I just need to remember that, and make sure the decision is made in advance so that I'm not tempting myself with making decisions on the fly ( bad pun ).

Anyway I'm going ok just now but feeling like I could do with a carb fix, which is bad. We're off out to a fancy 'celebrity chef' restaurant tomorrow so I've allowed myself a couple of drinks then too, having had only 2 beers in the last three weeks. Getting my hair done tomorrow afternoon, and bought a dress on Saturday - pretty unusual for me as I spend all my time in jeans or gym gear normally, and mining gear with steel toed boots for work!

chahma 07-02-2013 09:28 AM

aspen - sorry to hear about your father! I hope he has a full recovery. And that is a great conclusion, you are only in control of yourself, so true!

ange - sounds like a wonderful trip and some good motivation :) also, good to have a plan in place.

Well today I'm up even more! My official weigh in is 157.8 (+.2 from yesterday and +.8 overall). I think my body is holding on to some extra water because my muscles are a bit sore from beginning the workout yesterday. Otherwise, I have been eating on plan, so really I shouldn't be gaining in theory. We'll see what happens the next few days.

Tonight is my going away potluck, so I really need to control myself. I'll have a few bites here and there, but I don't want to blow my week's points on the first day!

krampus 07-02-2013 01:57 PM

Hi everyone,

Been eating a LOT lately so no wonder I'm a couple lbs heavier than ideal. Exercise has taken a bit of a reduction too since I can't run outside due to rain/oppressive humidity and I can't bring myself to log more than 2.5 miles on a treadmill. :\ I've gotten some hiking in, weightlifting is going well, overall not bad all things considered.

Also TOM came!!!! My roomie and I both PMSed hard for like 2 weeks. We are tying up loose ends before we move (to the downstairs apt in the same building) at the end of this month. Lots going on, I just booked a trip to Chattanooga TN with Delta miles (cost me $7.50!) and will soon be reserving campsites in Cape Cod and hopefully Maine. Seeing an old friend from college this weekend too.

chahma Good luck with the move and the potluck. Weight spike is almost certainly bloat from water retention!

ange82much I gotta say I envy all the moving around you are doing - have fun at celebrity chef dinner, getting dressed up and the like! I never get my hair done professionally or anything, so it's always a treat.

aspen13 Sending good thoughts to your dad for a quick recovery. Sorry to hear of his stroke.

Leaves UGH sinus infection, get well soon! Being sick for me is either (A) EAT EVERYTHING TO FEEL BETTER or (B) eat nothing and regain it all as soon as I'm well again, hah.

Leaves 07-03-2013 08:15 AM

chahma- boo at the water weight. Hope you see a loss soon, and good luck with the potluck, those things can be deadly for diets!

aspen- I'm sorry to hear about your dad, I hope he makes a full recovery. Hope you see the 140s soon!

ange- ooh, where are you going in the UK? Celebrity restaurant and first class flights too, wow! Lucky girl :)

krampus- haha, yeah I know what you mean. I was super hungry this time round and ate so much, but it seems to have come off again very quickly thank goodness!


Thanks for all the get well wishes guys, I'm feeling much better now. I started doing the 30DS after all the hype I've heard about it, but I guess I must be fitter than I thought as I actually found the level 1 routine pretty easy! I am having some shoulder issues though which is making the pushups bit really difficult and not really safe for me to do. Not sure what I could substitute with though, anyone have any shoulder friendly ideas? I might just jog on the spot or something!

aspen13 07-03-2013 10:10 AM

Thank you all! My dad is doing a lot better. The doctors and nurses are very impressed. He was even able to take a couple walks yesterday, one without a walker. He's not going to be happy if he needs to use a walker. He is 84 though and is in great shape for a man his age. The doctors think he will be able to go right back to the things he was doing. My mom, amazingly, has been holding up very well. She is scared though and told me that he can not die before her because she can not take care of herself. I keep reassuring her and letting her know that my son (14) and I are here for them. I forced them to move in with us about a year-in-a-half ago. They were not happy but I felt it was a must. I am so glad I did.

I weighed in at 151.8 this morning! :cb: I think I just might get into the 140s by next week. I can see lots of changes in my arms and shoulders this week. It's funny seeing what part of the body will lose when. Of course my hips, thighs, butt, and gut are being very stubborn. I can see lots of change in them but not as much change as the rest of my body. Well I got news for them. It's happening.

Have a great day, everyone!

olehcat 07-04-2013 10:55 AM

Happy Independence day for Americans here. Otherwise, happy Thursday!

Well, I'm chugging along, but I have not been super good on plan the last few days at all, and today is a holiday, so I don't expect to be highly on plan. Tomorrow is my fresh start and I am planning to be as much on plan as possible for the whole month of July.

@aspen - glad your dad is doing better! Go you on the good weigh-in!

@Krampus - ugh, long PMS = no fun at all! You've been having some great weigh-ins, what is your exercise routine right now?

@chahma - sounds like things are getting super exciting for you! I'm so happy for you that all the visa stuff has worked out and that the contract thing is going to be able to be resolved in a non-drama way! Ugh, potlucks are SO HARD.

@ange - good luck getting to the 120s!!!! I need to get back in the 130s right now, UGH, I haven't been there for a year and a half now and it's scary! After today (a holiday), I'm buckling down big time. I have to. I haven't lost ANY weight this summer, and that's because I've just been enjoying summer too much!

@Leaves - hope you're feeling a lot better now!

Hoopty 07-04-2013 04:11 PM

Good evening feathers,

Just a quick check-in. Hope all is well with everyone! I'm doing just fine. I've been on track for a couple of days now, trying to get in 30 min of cardio every day plus weight training every other day. I'm doing this 20-day-challenge that is really helping me to stay committed.

Personals later!

chahma 07-07-2013 11:51 AM

@krampus I love reading your posts because you always have something exciting going on, that is great!

@leaves How are you liking 30DS so far? I thought that some of the workouts in her Shed & Shred video were pretty easy too, so I went to the next level. Iím not sure about any shoulder exercises, sorry!

@aspen Glad to hear your father is doing better. I hope you make it into the 140s by next week too. From your daily weigh in, I think you can do it!

@oleh how is your fresh start going so far? are you hanging in there?

@Hoopty sounds like you have a good focus. What is the 20 day challenge youíre doing?

Where are you feathers??? July must be a busy month for everyone. Maybe youíre all out enjoying the beautiful weather! Usually we would be in like the 3rd page of chat by now, haha!

Not too much happening on my side. Iíve been sticking to my eating plan and trying to get in some exercise at the same time. This week my body has been stubborn bouncing around in the 157s and then suddenly today I had a drop to 155.8, so I really hope that is not a fluke and it stays around there. I've been feeling a bit hungry at night, so I've decided to re-arrange my points, and eat equal amounts at breakfast, lunch, dinner, then use my "free" points (fruits/veggies) as snacks in between. Also, I found that drinking a tea a few hours after dinner when I get the urge to snack has helped too. By curiosity, I put in my food on myfitnesspal and I manage about 1200-1400 a day, so I'm in the right range for calories.

I also took my measurements, which I havenít done since like last year. I compared them to my measurements when I was most fit and really liked my body (about 5 years ago) and I am only about 1-2 inches off in most spots, so that makes me happy. Actually, I remember at that time I weighed around 155-160, wore a size 6, but Iíve never made it to 145 - it just goes to show that muscle weighs more than fat. I really donít want to weigh 145 and have bigger measurements. I donít want to end up being skinny fat (as I call it)! I know working out is the key- so I have been trying to include that. Once I get moved and settled in after these next few weeks, I am going to start my full on exercise routine.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend feathers!

olehcat 07-09-2013 06:56 AM

Hi, Feathers!

Sorry I've been MIA, but life is SOoooo busy right now. I'm still taking this horrendous 4-hour class every morning that is sucking my day (and summer) away, my ex is still here visiting and so I'm doing a lot of stuff with him, and I'm just trying to catch up on various appointments, social stuff, etc.

So the holidays didn't do my weight any good, and it bumped right back up to the 150 realm, but I'm on it. I WILL be at 140 by the end of the summer.

What I really need is good advice from people who have lost a significant amount of weight on workouts. Running? I can do that, but it's so hot right now I don't really feel like it, even indoors. I've been going on long walks. I think I need to know -- what is it that helped mold your body as you lost? Hardcore lifting? something like Pilates? I'm being COMPLETELY indecisive when it comes to trying to plan my workout part of this! This week I'm focusing more on just getting my diet together. I'm basically doing Paleo at this point, not just for reasons of weight loss but because grains/wheat/dairy REALLY can cause me stomach pain at night. When I eat mostly meat/eggs/vegetables/fruit/nuts with a treat of one square dark chocolate and a glass of wine, my stomach feels just fine over night and I lose weight. So here's to Day 2 of being pretty strict with it.

@chahma - that's good news iwth the measurements! I feel like my measurements have basically stayed the same for the last 10 pounds upward D: (which I don't understand since I know it's not muscle development that caused my weight gain)

@Hoopty - glad you have found a great challenge!

yah, where IS everyone?

krampus 07-09-2013 11:09 AM

I'm here!

119.2 this AM. What. The. Heck. I forgot to eat dinner on Wednesday last week and had a light day yesterday because I went to the dentist and got a filling but that's it really. Been "going" a lot more too for some reason.

Very busy socially, overextended even. Same as usual for summer. Lots of swimsuit time! My 4th was awesome - went to a friend's farm and shot 20 and 12 gauge shotguns, a Mosin Nagant 9130, fireworks and jumped into a swimming hole. Went swimming at a friend's pool Friday, then partook in a short hike and visited a swimming hole on Saturday. I took a few days off from the gym and went back this AM and it feels goooooood.

In addition to my fun fun fun fillings, yesterday AM I had an appt with a sports doctor. No one told me he was going to be hot and bend my legs over my head in every which way - wooooo! ;) Said it's likely piriformis syndrome (I kinda suspected that anyway) and not a disc issue, prescribed me some stretches, said if no improvement in 4 weeks I should do PT. We'll see how that goes!

Roommate and I signed leases for 8/1 - we inherited a friend's HUGE and COMFY couch which RECLINES, and we have a month to gradually move our possessions downstairs. Band practice tonight. It's all I can do at this point to pretend I care...

olehcat Consistency is key with workouts. It's less complicated than you are making it. Lift twice a week, run twice a week, hike or walk other days. Put in like 20-30 min/day. Eat what makes you feel good. You got this!

chahma Measurements and shape are so key. It's really encouraging that you're so close to your "fittest" measurements! Hope moving goes well!

Hoopty What's the 20 day challenge?

aspen13 I am so relieved to hear good news about your dad. Your bottom half will catch up! ;)

Leaves Not sure about shoulder friendly ideas...what about dips instead of pushups?

Leaves 07-10-2013 08:32 AM

Aspen- really glad to hear your dad is doing better :) have you made it to the 140s?

Olehcat-I bet you can see some massive changes in a whole month of being on plan! I've been doing some pilates/cardio type workouts from videos on youtube. There's a girl called Cassey who runs the Blogilates youtube channel and I find her videos really fun (if not really hard!) and she makes a monthly calendar plan with workouts for each day that I really like! I understand what you mean about the heat though, we're having a heatwave here and I hate working out in it, makes me so sticky :(

Hoopty- yes, what challenge? Sounds interesting!

Chahma- I think it is a busy month, or maybe we're all just out flaunting our fab bikini bodies! (I wish I was!) 'gratz on the measurements! With 30DS I've been trying to mix it up by doing alternate days of level 1 and 2 as I was finding level 1 quite easy. I'm yet to try level 3 though, we'll see!

Krampus- holy cow, 119!? sorry about the fillings, I hate getting them. I'm always paranoid that it's just going to hurt forever once it's been done, or fall out. gah.


So, I graduated yesterday! That was fun, and I can actually look at the pictures without thinking that I looked like a pudding. That's always good! I'm really needing to ramp things up though, as I go on holiday in a few weeks, so not long left to get myself looking great!

Hope you're all enjoying your July feathers!

aspen13 07-10-2013 08:53 AM

Waving a big hello to everyone!

No 140s yet. I started weight training on Sunday, Monday I weighed in at 151.4, the next morning I was back to my Sunday weigh-in weight, 150.6. Yesterday I enjoyed pizza at lunch, got flatbread for myself. The scale was kind, only gained .2 lbs, 150.8. Nice to see that I can have pizza once in awhile and not cause too much damage to the scale.

Have a GREAT day/evening everyone!

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