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Dorian5 06-01-2012 08:46 AM

JUNE Feathers Chat
What can I say, I was definitely ready to welcome in the new month. :carrot:

Hope we can all start fresh and make this the best month yet!!

Dorian5 06-01-2012 09:01 AM

Well, I weighed in this morning. The damage is 130.8lbs. I can't believe I gained 15 pounds in 3 months, that's crazy. I was pretty down about it last night (decided to weigh when I got home from work, clocked in at 132) but now I'm just feeling determined. I think the boyfriend is even wanting to cut back, and that will make it SO much easier to have someone else trying to eat healthy and to go on walks with. :)

I dreamed about ice cream, though. And in my dream I ate about 6 cups of it, and woke up feeling guilty I cheated on my plan. Then I realized I didn't have real ice cream. :lol:

I'm baking a cake this afternoon, it's my nephew's birthday (his name is Xavier, but I call him The Professor, and he's my favorite person ever) -- he's having a spy-themed party, so the cake I'm making is going to look like a bomb. Making cakes is a hobby of mine, I've made Hello Kitty, Yoda, Dora the Explorer, a castle, Barbie... the list goes on. I am determined to keep myself from licking frosting off the spoons and sampling the cupcakes.


TurboMammoth: YUM I am totally making that salmon today!! Beau was stoked! Although, might skip the mayo, he doesn't like mayo at ALL and something tells me sriracha miracle whip wouldn't quite be the same. :lol: Love spicy stuff though, might have to put some red pepper in the marinade. Pregnancy scares are HORRIBLE, congrats on not being knocked up and the low weigh in! :carrot:

Crazygurl61: I love new months too, it's like starting on a new page. Hope we can all make it count!! :D

LisaTcan: I'm glad to hear you're feeling more relaxed. Have fun on your trip!! I'm definitely scared to pole dance, I'm just hoping everyone else in the class has sorry upper body strength like I do, so I'm not the only one who can't get up on the pole! :p

XOXO Keep it up everyone!

Alexistrophic 06-01-2012 09:58 AM

Hurray!!!! Thanks for starting this, Dorian! Welcome back, by the way. I can totally relate to the whole under/overeating cycle crap... I'm kind of struggling with the same stuff. It's SO TOUGH to strike a happy medium that leaves you ever so slightly on the lower end of the weight range. Glad to see you in here, though. I feel like posting in every day is a good start :)

I want to jump in here right quick so I have some hope of being able to keep up with this thread. Y'all move so fast!

Happy June, everyone!!!!

krampus 06-01-2012 10:05 AM

Thought my neck was feeling better - it's not really. Attempted a nature walk with my bf last night but there were waaaaay too many mosquitoes and we got bitten pretty badly so we said "screw this" and got Vietnamese food for dinner. I had shrimp summer rolls with peanut sauce and beef w/veggies and rice - SO GOOD but such horrid garlic burps later. :P After dinner we met up with some friends for a beer and then at a friend's place I thought it would be smart to eat 3 chocolate chip oatmeal cookies at like, 11:30 PM. Had weird eating-before-bed dreams and my bf elbowed me in the eye. Owww!

Morning weigh-in: 128.5. Didn't see anything below 128 this week :/

Dorian5 Better 130 than back to 150, I say - those cakes sound awesome, it's totally true that having a partner in crime to eat well and exercise with (teehee) makes the whole thing easier!

Alexistrophic Glad to see you here again! How have you been doing?

LisaTcan Enjoy your U.S. trip!!! Not obsessing feels very freeing.

TurboMammoth Congrats on not being pregnant. BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD in my opinion!

TurboMammoth 06-01-2012 11:28 AM

Lisa : Have fun in the US :) And great decision on applying the hakuna matata of the scale!

Dorian : miracle whip and sriracha would probably be... special LOL Good luck with the frosting, this develish, wonderful and amazing thing to lick! What flabor of cake are you baking?

Alexis : long time no see on the chat! happy june to you too!

krampus : elbow in the eye, owwww! plus too much food-bad dream, what a charming night you had LOL And thanx on the congrats of not being pregnant Ahaha Usually I dislike TOM, but seriously yesterday I was ready to celebrate it all freaking day long!


I had a weird day yesterday. I did not drank THAT much water, but I was peeing ALL.THE.TIME. (like, at some point I had to go 3 times during 40 minutes) I think it got me into some kind of low pressure stuff because I was feeling a bit dizzy and everything. I thought it was some glucose matters at first so I forced myself to ate my snack earlier than I should, but the snacks dit not help... it eventually faded away, and I was able to go for my run. Did it ever happened to any of you?

Anyway, with eating normal-not healthy-eating-out-food all week long plus TOM finally letting go some water weight, I had a big WOOOSH and weighed in at 133.2 pounds this morning. No idea if it will holds, but hey, I'm gonna take it for now!

Oh and I woke early this morning to go on a little bike ride before work and at some point of my loops, I was biking on some trails that go through woods along the river in town and I almost biked into a DEER. And not the baby stuff deer, the one that both of us would have get hurt if I did lol She did not heard/smell me quickly (wind in the bad way) and I need to stopped about 10 meters from her so she could hear and me run away... She was so cute :-)


Alexistrophic 06-01-2012 11:59 AM

Krampus ~ Ouch indeed at the bf elbowing you in the eye! Was it while he was sleeping or an "awake accident"? Your weight seems to have really stabilized if you can eat that late at night and still wake up on the lighter side... Lucky you!

Dorian ~ Also meant to say that you were/are a pretty big inspiration to me.

I've been kind of 'blah' lately... Still stuck at 155. Some guy-flavored resignation... I can't have what I want and have no interest in what I can have... Bleh.

Ah, well.
Recommitting to being SLIM this month.

All aboard!

crazygurl61 06-02-2012 12:09 AM

Hi all- went to the urgent care today- sprained my arm and shoulder .... in a sling and hopped up on pain Meds- plus it's inflamed

Alexistrophic 06-02-2012 02:22 AM

Turbo ~ Hey there! We musta posted at the same time. That dizzy+peeing a lot does sound like a blood sugar thing... Do you think you're getting enough calories? So cute about the deer, too.

Crazygurl ~ No fun about urgent care. Take care of yourself and rest up!

Erdnussbutter 06-02-2012 06:59 AM

Hi All,

This is my first post and I just wanted to say HI! It's great knowing that there are so many others who have made amazing progress and are so close to GOAL!

It's a pleasure to meet you all and I look forward to participating in your challenges and interesting discussions.

My exercise regime consists of doing the "Pump It Up" dance aerobics video 3 times a week + rollerblading.

krampus 06-02-2012 01:08 PM

Erdnussbutter, hi! Wie geht's? I visited Munich once and had a great time there. Beautiful people everywhere.

crazygurl - OH NO, feel better ASAP, how did it get sprained?

TurboMammoth - Sh!t, a deer?! Glad you didn't actually bike into it. Sounds gorgeous though!

Hi Feathers,

Weighed in at 129.0 this morning. Last night I went out drinking and dancing and had wings and pizza for dinner and ice cream at 2 am before bed, so I'm not surprised to have seen an upward movement on the scale. I did manage to get to the gym and run for 1.5 miles (lol) and lift weights between work and beer/wings yesterday, so that's something. Squats = my butt is sore!

JossFit 06-02-2012 01:45 PM


I need to start getting in on the Feather chats. Honestly I "hang out" in the weight loss forum more, but to be frank, I can't always relate to those struggling with obesity. I've been 60 pounds heavier, but I've never dealt with a lot of the issues that those men and women have. Still, I find the support and perspectives inspirational and motivational... I would just feel bad about saying "Yeah, I totally gained a pound this weekend!". I realize I'm in a very good place both physically and mentally right now.

I posted this in another forum, but I thought I'd share it here;

I feel AWESOME today!

I weighed in today for the first time in a couple of weeks (had a large 2 day binge about 2 weeks ago) and am happy with the results... right in my "happy range". I anticipated a slight gain, or perhaps things to be the same as they were pre-binge, but I'm down about 1/2 pound actually. Not a shocker in either case, but still nice to see.

I also had cycled off of caffeine and pre-workout supplements for a week just to let my body re-set, and today is my first day back on. I had so much energy at the gym this morning, and I just feel HAPPY!

Speaking of the gym, I wore something today I ordinarily wouldn't. I have done photo shoots in tiny shorts and bikinis, but I would never wear something super small to the gym ordinarily. Standing and posing is one thing, but moving in it? Not so much. Well, the gym I use is at work and is abandoned on the weekends, and I decided today I look good enough to actually work out in the tiny shorts and not be self-conscious about the back of my legs (my trouble spot). The shorts are so comfortable to run in, it seems silly not to! And besides, who gives a rat's *** what people think about my gym clothes anyway?!

TurboMammoth 06-02-2012 01:47 PM

alexis : as you mentioned about maybe being a blood sugar thingy, I checked my food log for that day and it was a pretty light lunch... maybe my blood sugar was too low, as you said! happy recommitment!

crazygurl : awww poor girl! do they say how long it takes to heal?

Erdnussbutter : welcome! germany is like my number 1 spot on my list ''places to visit''! Rollerblading is a good workout. I like rollerblading. I just don't like how I'M not able to stop...

krampus : that is so cool that your weight is holding steady like that, I'm so jealous. I ate 2 chips and the salt make me gain 4 pounds. Embrace that with wings and everything you want LOL

Jossfit : welcome girl! you're definetely an inspiration to me, god you're fit!!! ;)


heyyy. weighed in at 134.0 this morning, which is a fluctuation that is okay to me, I ate a big diner last night.

the weather is pretty sucky here so I cleaned half of the appartment this morning... muuuuuch needed. I'll do the other half later after we get back from the grocery and bought new swiffers wipe LOL

have a great weekend all!

JossFit 06-02-2012 01:48 PM


Originally Posted by krampus (Post 4356511)
Weighed in at 129.0 this morning. Last night I went out drinking and dancing and had wings and pizza for dinner and ice cream at 2 am before bed, so I'm not surprised to have seen an upward movement on the scale. I did manage to get to the gym and run for 1.5 miles (lol) and lift weights between work and beer/wings yesterday, so that's something. Squats = my butt is sore!

It sounds like you had fun though! The great thing about maintaining or being close to your goal is that you know if you go out and indulge, only a few days back OP will erase that damage.

crazygurl61 06-02-2012 02:10 PM

Hi all- I am ok just hopped up on pain meds. In a sling for 10-15 days. I saw a new low today of 134.8 ( well a new low on this weightless journey at least!)

My husband has been taking care of me, he finally went to see a Dr. about why he isn't loosing weight. He is 6'2 and about 280 so he has a lot to loose, but does carry it well. The doctor has put him on a 2,000 calorie diet and given him some medication to help. If he doesn't loose the first 40 lbs by Christmas he will be doing lap band. It's been such a long time coming, and it's been an emotional
issue. I am going to be happy to work together on a healthy lifestyle. I love him so much and I'm glad he is taking this seriously.

AhHH Vicodin and Melrose Place on Netflix :-)

Joss- I know what you mean. I was thinking the same thing. I've never been above 170 at my heaviest but compared to people who have over 100 plus to loose my 1 lb struggles seem stupid. But to me its a big deal. Congrats on the weight loss and good for you with wearing what you want. You look great!

Turbo-hi! Congrats on the 134. Sometimes cleaning house feels so good, doesn't it?

Alexis-Hi! Nice to see you checking in here.

Krampus- looks like you are still in the 120's despite lots of fun! Enjoy yourself, you've earned it. Squats make me so sore that it's hard to sit down sometimes!

Erdnuss-Hello and welcome!

Dreamer2012 06-02-2012 02:15 PM

First time posting in this chat. Hello everyone.

Weighed in at 142lbs still. I've been 142 since February! Went to the doctors and got weighed. I was about 12-14lbs heavier before February, around the start of last September into the winter time. I had done nothing to lose weight but I did! I was delighted! :D Really gave me the motivation to do something about my weight.

Then about mid-April I started walking more and more and watching what I are. 2 days ago, I joined this forum. And finally yesterday, I started a proper diet so I'm really hoping to see results! I'd love to be 119lbs by the time I return to college for my last year in September and then I'll be pushing to 112lbs where I will try and maintain 112lbs. It's just loosing a few lbs now would be great! I have so much motivation which I think is where a lot of people struggle.

I usually go for a walk around 7pm, it's now 7:10pm and I haven't left because it's raining and just not stopping! I'm actually getting upset that I can't go :p Never thought I'd see the day when I would be frustrated that I can't get out to exercise! Yesterday, I went a brisk walk and because I live near the beach, I tried jogging up the beach. It was difficult enough, I have to say. My fitness levels aren't the best. But I was able to do it. And I wanted to get out and do the same this evening. I did 10 minutes of weights this morning though, which again, isn't brilliant but I did only manage 5 minutes yesterday so I pushed myself today. Again, just trying to work up my fitness levels. I'm thinking of other things I could do around the house since that rain isn't stopping. I was thinking of skipping, just need to find a rope now. :P Or going to borrow my friends Zumba for the wii...

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