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Featherweights For those with just a few pounds, or trying to lose those last few pounds.

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Question How Did you do it?

Howdy All.

Ok here is my question- for those who pushed past their 'last 10 pounds' or plateau, what did you do?

Since I am on the last ten pounds, I find that the majority of weight loss tips are things I have already done to get here, you know the little changes like no drinking pop, exercising more, measuring portions, taking the stairs, etc. etc. but I can't seem to shed the slightest amount of weight. Granted I am not perfect with eating (I usually cheat on Saturdays) but who is? I am wondering did you need to 100% dedicated OP, never messing up to lose the last few? Did it take a major overhaul and major change in your diet to get you to lose again?

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I have 12 more to go, but I can tell you how I pushed past a stall that lasted months. I upped the intensity of my cardio from walking to running, and then added weight training. It's made a huge difference, in the last 2 months I've lost almost 4 pants sizes.
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Weight Training. HIIT instead of steady cardio. Weight Training. Cut out my cheat day for the last couple of weeks. Weight Training.

Did I say weight training?
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Yup, quit cheating entirely. Exercise more and incorporate different methods. Add a few new things into your regime that your body is not used to. Eat 1,200 calories for a few days, go up to 1,600, 1,500, 1,400, 1,300, 1,200 again and make sure those calories are all very CLEAN. Don't skimp on the water. Like Shannon said, do weight training. The more muscle mass you have, the faster your body burns fat. Find ANY excuse you can to exercise, whether it is riding your bike or walking somewhere instead of driving, offering a spouse or friend to carry boxes or groceries, vigorous cleaning like cleaning your bathroom or washing your car, etc.
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Above all, do not give up! Do not let yourself get so discouraged that you "settle" for a higher goal weight. Keep on "keeping on". You can do it! I thought I was never going to lose that last 10 but by sheer determination and persistance I made it and you can , too.
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I agree the cheat day IS definitely the killer ... but I have to start listening to myself ...
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