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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default Want to start jogging but....

... I'm afraid of a couple of things. One, I have a weak bladder from excessive pushing when deliverying my ds, and have a small leakage with any bounce or jumping jack. Any ideas about hope to change thing( I do kiegle's all the time). Also, I hate feeling things jiggle( especially my belly and breasts). I now I can get a suppotive bra, but what about the belly. Help, and suggestions would be appreciated, because I really would like to have more endurance and want to jog.

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Lots of gals need to wear a little pad for exercise. An aside is that you should speak to your doctor about that.

And as for things jiggling ... it goes with the territory. Keep going! As it gets smaller, it'll jiggle less.

Kudos to you for trying. Jogging is not my thing.
... Susan
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I had that problem too. Ditto on the pad. As for the jiggles - after about a week or two, I honestly didn't feel it unless I focused on that aspect. I go into a zone that is more concerned with breathing and pace. I hope you can jog - it's the best! Oh and do talk to your DR. My doc said there is a surgery that can be done if needed (this was for me after kiddo #2). But I ended up not going that route.
Good luck!

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Ilene the Bean
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I only leak when I forget to run lightly, does that make sense?? Some run heavily and others lightly... I try to have a fast turn over with my feet and not lift my feet off the ground too much when I run, this expends less energy and gives you less bounce...

Just do it!! You'll love it, go fo it!!

Keep us posted on your progress...
I l e n e
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I don't like the jiggle thing either...whether I'm trying jogging (been doing a walk/jog combination lately) or on the treadmill. My solution? I've been wearing an old bathing suit under my workout clothes. I feel a lot more confident when I'm not jiggling all around...especially at the gym when there's so many other people there. On a walk's not too bad....I have to admit I'm embarrassed a bit about jogging at my weight so I do it after dark!
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I find that a lot of women do Kegel's, but incorrectly. You may want to find out about seeing a PT who offers biofeedback for pelvic floor strengthening....especially if you are not seeing improvement with what you have been doing.
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I'll second Midwife's suggestion. I know someone who had the problem, and has been helped by a PT using the biofeedback technique.

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"Bike shorts" type shorts, which you can wear under your regular workout clothing, would help with the belly jiggle.
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