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Default How much should a 12 year old girl weigh?

Does anyone know where to find a chart on the net to let you know how much children should weigh. I have a deverloping daughter. She is average size but I can see it adding. I need to know how much her averge weight range should be. to help her make good choices. We as a family all are trying to be a bit more healthy. well DH he is something to work on. But. I see her wanting to walk with me and be more fit. I just want to know what to watch for and make sure she is in a good weight range. Out of three girls she is the most like me and I am affriad of that.
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Ask your doctor, or use a BMI calculator on the web, its based on height/ weight. Chances are if your daughter is active and she is "average size" her weight is fine. Also, as long as she's eating and not over-exercizing you probably do not need to worry about her wanting to be more fit. Good for her.
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Not really sure where to find a chart but i agree with asking your doctor. If she is eating well and exercising then i am sure she is just developing and therefore getting bigger and growing up. If the doctor hasnt said anything i wouldnt worry. Be glad to have a happy and healthy daughter.
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This looks like it might be helpful for children.

And here they have growth charts for up to age 20.
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I have no idea what the average weight is for my 13 year old son, but I'm sure it is less than he weighs. He is about 160 pounds, but he is really solid and muscular. His bodyfat is in the normal range and when he flexes, his muscles are about 3 times the size of mine, a regular weight lifter.

He had a belly for the past couple of years and asked me how much he should weigh. I thought he should lose about 10 pounds, but I didn't tell him that because he is continually growing, and I didn't want him to try and lose weight and grow at the same time. I told him to not focus on the scale, and just eat healthy and exercise and it would all work out. He reads labels now and says no to junk, drinks lots of water and exercises so now he looks 'just right'.
We're fat chicks, not doctors. Please see your physician before taking advice found on the internet.
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i don't think you should focus on a weight number for your daughter. I remember being 12, and ALL the girls had VERY different bodies and were at all different stages of development.

Also, focusing on her weight might not be the best thing for her head-- she could develop an eating disorder or just feel inferior (this was my case). And it is probably not a good idea to LOSE weight when you are growing-- better to not gain excess (like when you are pregnant).

i totally agree with Jennifer-- just continually work on cleaning up everyone's diet and eliminate junk. Teach your daughter to enjoy whole foods and to determine which foods are better for her.
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I am not focusing on just her weight. I have managed my weight all my life. i know the ins and out pretty well. I am making sure she don't start to focus to much onit. I am not weird as a mom on wanting her to be skinny. I want to make sure all my girls are on a good healthy path. That is what we do is eat healthy and I am reaching the difference between good and junk. we are on that right track already.

I know what weight can do to a head. I have been there. Thank you all for your advice andhelp.

have a healthy day.
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Another thing to consider is that around that age, a lot of girls go through a "fat spurt" where they naturally gain weight. I think it's related to all the hormone changes associated with puberty. She might go through a phase where she adds on a lot of weight and that may be scary to watch, but it's normal and it should slow down after a bit.
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