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Question Favorite fitness magazines anyone?

Iím thinking about getting a subscription to something like Fitness magazine to read while Iím on the elliptical and get some new strength training ideas in my head regularly. Does anyone have a favorite fitnessĖrelated publication other than Fitness, thatís the only one Iíve ever seen around the magazine rack at the gym and Iím wondering what others I might be interested in.
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takin it one lb at a time
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My favorite is "Self" magazine, and my second favorite is "Shape"
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I agree - I've had a subscription to "SELF" for years. I like that they promote "health" over "thin". They have great articles on all aspects of wellness. They also have cool tear-out cards with great exercises. I saw a letter to the editor with a great idea to put them laminated on a ring to take with you to the gym or keep handy at home. I also like that most of their exercises you need no or extremely limited "equipment". And at $12/year, you can't go wrong. They also have great info on their site.
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I like Shape & Fitness. My favorite magazine is Looking Good. I don't mind Women's Health & Fitness. Self is okay but I don't think I'm renewing. I read alot of magazines in the summer time so I found cheap subscriptions on the internet & am getting a bunch. TOO many.

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I like prevention

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I like Health magazine. Most magazines have a corresponding website you can check out to see a sample of the kinds of articles they have. Checking out their sites has saved me the cost of subscription in a few cases where the magazine wasn't really what I was expecting.
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Interestingly, I read an artictle (I think in Shape) that said that if people who read while exercising actually don't work as hard at the exercise. That resulted in less weight loss than a group who did not read but focused on exercise. I think music was allowed in both groups though. This was written years ago (when I used to read on cardio machines) so I don't have the reference.
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Ilene the Bean
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I like Oxygen the best for reading, but I never read when I workout I read when I am on the "throne", in the tub or early in the morning when having my coffee... I agree, if you are reading and working out you are not working at your full potential , put the magazine away and get some good fast heart pumping music and concentrate on your workout ...
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Oxygen, yes! Once in a while I grab 'Looking Good ... Now' as well. It always has a couple of stories about real folks who lose real weight in real life
... Susan
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I have a subscription to fitness magazine, its good, it has a lot of great tips in it. And I also have one issue of fitnessrx for woman, it's the april issue that is out now, it has a big article with Jillian Michaels in it, she gives a workout in the spread, but it is a very advanced workout. The article also says her new book should be out in jan.2007, and in a future issue they will have more about her new book. It is a pretty good magazine, lots of great tips, but there are way too many ads in the magazine.

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Hands down, Prevention is the best for me.
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For straight up exercise/nutrition improvement I like oxygen. I like fitness/self for health reading too.

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I really like Women's Health and Men's Health. In the latter you have the bonus of looking at a bunch of buff men instead of skinny women. They both have great info on fitness and diet, the rest seem to be filled with make-up, clothes and the other women's magazine fluff.
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Definitely SELF magazine!

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Self for me! It's very helpful and gives realistic advice and workouts.
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