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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

10 Most Ineffective Exercises

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Woah make me panic a bit when I read #10 but thanks to the people who clarified things a bit. Those sweeping statements can be a bit to broad sometimes. I only do 60mins cardio a day anyway and am eating healthily so hopefully my muscles won't waste away
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Originally Posted by kykaree View Post
I'm not as stupid as I thunk I was. My trainer wanted me to do upright rows and it just didn't "feel" right so I didn't do them. Ditto the side bends.

And the adductor/abductor machines, what are they about????
Very good point--if it doesn't feel right don't do it. That's the way people get injured. All of our bodies are different--and the opt is right here--there are many exercises that are not beneficial and unfortunately some of them can do more damage than good.

You want to feel the muscle not the joint. There are many good exercises for problems area's that do work, and a little homework makes all the difference in core strength. Those muscles that keep us together and standing up straight. If your core is strong the rest follows.

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Ahhh!!! Number one and two blow my mind! I absolutely loved doing those, but ... then I would injure myself. This explains a lot.

I will remember to avoid that, and worry about my thighs when I'm ready. Right now just being able to walk up the 3% incline to my college is enough of a challenge!
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I agree with 7. Shoulder Press Behind Neck.

It hurts me just thinking about doing shoulder presses this way. Can you say serious shoulder injury?

This is really dangerous and can lead to a major injury.
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Great tips here!

And the best one is
Iíve seen people lose well over 100 pounds and lose it very, very fast. They did everything possible to lose weight (fat and muscle), as opposed to losing only fat and sparing muscle. The result is a soft and flabby looking body. Yes, they lost the 100 pounds, but did it in the most inefficient manner possible. The key to your success is not searching for an exercise that will reduce a trouble spot. Itís finding the most efficient exercises that will strengthen the area. Then, the combination of reduced calories, cardiovascular exercise and consistency does the rest of the work.
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You name the exercise, and if you don't perform it properly it has the potential to cause serious injury, especially compound movements where the heaviest weights are used like bench, squats and deadlifts.
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Thanks for this post Ilene! I do some cardiovascular workouts every morning its about 30-45 minutes. I want to lose weight easily. I want to double the time I spend in my workout everyday but I saw this post and it is really helpful for me. Thank you for sharing this.
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I knew a lot of these, but a few were a surprise. Makes me wonder why they have the machines in the first place?

I see A LOT of people at the gym doing these exercises and sometimes even doing them in a very bad way. Looks like they are just flopping the weight around. I just know they are going to get injured one day. There are also a lot of people flopping weights around on regular lifts and it just makes me cringe!
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I am one week into joining the gym and I am very disappointed to learn that MY THIGHS ARE HURTING FOR NOTHING!!!!!
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This is interesting. I mean I use the abductor and adductor machines, but I've gotten results from them. I didn't know that it could cause that many problems though.
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The only ones really worth doing are: 1) cardio (don't care how); 2) squats; 3) lunges; 4) deadlifts; 5) military presses; and, 6) bench presses.

Everything else is an extravagence. But an extravagence I nevertheless enjoy.

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