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Default Bothered at the gym...

Ok, So I WAS hitting the gym hard until 2 things happend. 1 I started getting bored. An hour on the elliptical is so boring. I can barely stand it, and 2 this trainer at the YMCA won't leave me alone. He bothers me and makes me uncomfortable. I am sure that is not his intention but he is just so intense. He tells me I need to do at lease 30 - 40 mins of cardio EVERYDAY and tried to convince me that I needed to be on a 1000 calorie a day diet. I don't know who to say something too because I really don't want to get him in trouble but I want him to leave me alone.
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Have you tried asking him to leave you alone? Just telling him nicely that, thanks but you're all set with your nutrition and exercise plans?

As for cardio boredom, I do an hour a day, everyday, and would never survive without my iPod. I also like to mix up machines - like 20 minutes elliptical, 20 bike, 20 treadmill.
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Plus, an iPod will keep people from talking to you!
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one word- iPOD.
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I'm a switcher. 20 minutes per machine max, or otherwise I'm just so bored bored bored! And music doesn't help, because if I use an mp3 etc I can still hear the gym music underneath and it does my head in.

Try setting yourself little challenges. I use different programs, like hills, intervals etc on different days.

As for your instructor I would just smile and say "thanks for you help, but I'm following a really good programme for my eating, but if I need your help I'll come and look for you"
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Or, you could retort back that maybe his calves look like they could use some more work, and ask who his barber or stylist is, because he could afford to go a little tighter around the neck and ears. Maybe that will give him the hint...


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hehe.....I see you've already got some good advice on this one but......

I would be absolutely lost without my ipod also!!! Magazines on weightloss or fitness would help, although hard to use the arm levers while turning pages , or give the treadmill a try..... Does your gym have tv's? Even if the volume is turned off, you can follow along with the word prompter (closed captioning) Now THERE'S A NEW ONE.....an instructor offering advice WITHOUT being paid for it!!! Try going at different times, when you think he wouldn't be there. If it still continues.....tell someone. If he's doing it to you, he's probably bothering other people. Not worth the agrivation !!!

next challenge ???

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like everyone else... iPod! I rented a treadmill and use it at home with my ipod, turn on some good music close my eyes and away I go! I love it! I even bought myself a new ipod (and yes my 'old' one works just fine, lol) just to keep me going.
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I recomend cardio coach for boring cardio machines. It will change everything! For me I work twice as hard and go longer when I have coach Sean motivating me.

Check it out www.cardiocoach.com
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[email protected] haircut !!

Start talking to youreself and answering.....make it a real convo....see how fast he will leave u allone. Afterall who would want to hang arround somone who has her own convo going ......hahah
* Jasmin *
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Well from a former trainer (me)

Tell his boss!!! First of all, he should not be giving out ANY advice until he has sat down with you to figure out your heath history and current state and second, beware of ANY trainer that says you only need 1000 cals a day...that is CRAP!!!!!!!

next time he approches you, tell him that you are going to take the matter to his boss!

Oh as for boring cardio...mix it up...elliptical, tred, bike, etc you body will be more effcient at burning cals if you mix it up...you basically shock it every time you go from one machine to the next...ORRRR do intervals AND USE MUSIC!!!

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Originally Posted by AFWjenny
He tells me I need to do at lease 30 - 40 mins of cardio EVERYDAY and tried to convince me that I needed to be on a 1000 calorie a day diet.
How about invoking a higher authority whenever he gives you unwanted advice?

"Sorry, but my doctor says not to do it that way."
"Thanks, but I'm sticking to my doctor's advice on calories."
"My doctor wants me to keep doing it the way I've been doing it."

Don't be drawn into arguing or defending yourself. Let all your answers start with, "My doctor says..." and maybe he'll start backing off.
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one of my goals!
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My MP3 player saves my butt!!
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if i was his boss, i would want to know that he is harassing PAYING members. i would either leave a note in a suggestion box, or make a phone call, that way you can remain anonymous, but still get the message across (i once complained about the gym not having clean towels, and i became paranoid that i was "that girl"...so i would suggest doing in anonymously).

my top three tips: ipod, variety, and going when there's something on tv that you want to watch. i like to go when jeopardy is on (don't need volume) and when baseball is on (although i once fell off the treadmill cheering...so be careful).
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