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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default Top Ten Exercise Myths

Repost from the Exercise Forum - by request.

Top Ten Exercise Myths

1. You can exercise away – ‘spot reduce’ - fat deposits.
Unfortunately, we can’t target our problem areas through exercise. Exercise can strengthen specific muscle groups like abs and thighs, but can’t make the fat on top of those muscles go away. Fat will disappear only when we create a calorie deficit by eating less and moving more. Fat tends to be lost from problem areas last of all!

2. Lifting weights will give women big, bulky muscles.
No, most women don’t have the hormones necessary to ‘bulk up’. Weightlifting makes most women smaller and tighter, not bigger and bulkier.

3. You burn more fat by exercising longer at a lower intensity – the myth of the ’fat-burning zone’.
No, we burn a higher percentage of fat as a fuel source when working at lower intensities, but we burn more total calories when exercising at higher intensities. At the end of the day, it’s calories in versus calories out that matters.

4. If the scale goes up a few pounds when you begin exercising, it’s due to adding muscle.
No, it’s generally due to water retention from sore muscles or changed eating habits. You won’t build muscle doing cardio exercise, so starting a biking, walking, or elliptical program won’t result in a muscle gain. Strength-training will add muscle, but it takes considerable time and hard work for a woman to add even a few pounds of muscle. And muscle doesn’t ‘weigh more than fat’ – a pound of muscle is smaller and denser than a pound of fat and takes up about 1/3 the space, but the two weigh the same.

5. If you exercise, fat will turn to muscle and if you stop exercising, muscle will turn to fat.
No, fat and muscle are two separate and distinct kinds of tissue and can’t ‘turn into’ the other. But if you stop exercising, you may gain fat because you’re burning fewer calories!

6. The best time to exercise is in the morning.
No, the best time to exercise is whenever you can do it. There isn’t any proof that exercise done first thing in the morning burns any more calories. Of course, if you exercise in the morning, then you get it done regardless of what unexpected events may happen later in the day. But the most important thing is that we just do it!

7. If you’re not sore after a workout, then you didn't work out hard enough.
No, exercise doesn’t have to hurt in order to be effective or good for you.

8. Wait to start your exercise program until you’ve lost some weight.
No, studies show that the most successful losers and long-term maintainers exercised consistently from the beginning of their weight loss. There are exercises that people of ANY size can do!

9. You can eat anything you want as long as you exercise.
No, the bottom line for weight loss is calories in versus calories out. You can wipe out any calorie deficit that you create through exercise by eating too much. Plus you want to be eating high-quality, nutritious foods to fuel your workouts. What and how much you eat matters a lot!

10. The more exercise, the better.
It is possible to overtrain, which can result in illness or injury. If you’re not sure how much exercise you should be doing, a good guideline is the latest government recommendation of 60 to 90 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise on most days for weight loss and maintenance. Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005.
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Thank you so much, Meg, darling!
Such an excellent post... I hope everyone reads it.
I am a runner!

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i like it too! funny it's obvious that fat and muscle are 2 different types of tissue but i had never thought of it. oh well we all learn something new hehe
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Thanx for the info... I knew some of them.. but the intensity? you mean I don't have to climb a mountain for two hours?? whew...
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Thanks for outlining these points! It's especially helpful for a new starter like moi!

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Hello everyone!

I would like to ad something to the first point Ė spot reducing! I agree that you canít lose weight only where you want but I also have seen that you can reshape your body totally. I am not saying this to argue but to encourage women that have week spots!

The example is from friend of mine. She had a big (forgive me, I am not English native) butt and skinny in the upper section. One summer she got a bike and was riding like a mad woman. When you see her today she is even up and down and you canít notice that she has or had big butt. So, I think itís possible in a way!

I am not sure what to do if you upper body is bigger (as mine is, after bicycling like a maniac with a friend!!!!) but I guess there had to be some way to reshape it as we did for our lower part. Bad news was that I was normally shaped before and now I am bigger in the upper part of body. Stupid me!
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Originally Posted by SomethingGood View Post
The example is from friend of mine. She had a big (forgive me, I am not English native) butt and skinny in the upper section. One summer she got a bike and was riding like a mad woman. When you see her today she is even up and down and you canít notice that she has or had big butt. So, I think itís possible in a way!
Ooh, that gives me hope. Bicycling is one of few exercises I actually really enjoy, but I always worried that my riding like a mad woman would make my lower body even bigger. This is encouraging!

Come to think of it, I was a lot better looking this summer when I rode my bike everywhere. I just didn't realize it until I had to get rid of my bike and got all fat

Anyway [to the OP] - excellent post! Some really good things to keep in mind.
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I could be wrong but cycling is a cardio work-out and cardio burns fat, which could explain why your friend's bottom dwindled. Did she reshape her bottom or just burn the fat off of it? I can't find a way to write that to make it sound a little nicer!

I know cycling sure feels like strength training sometimes and it surely must help with development of leg and bum muscles, though!
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I was under the impression that any excercise will build muscle. For instance if I on on the stairclimber with a higher resistance I will build some muscle in my lower body and get a cardio workout at the same time.
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Lady TL, I'm sure you're strengthening your muscle as well as getting a good cardio workout on the Stairmaster. But in order to build muscle, you have to stress your muscles to the point of getting small, microscopic tears in them. Which is a good thing, not a bad thing because when the small tears heal, you build additional muscle.

In order to stress the muscle sufficiently, you need to be working with a load that limits you to 12 or maybe 15 reps before the muscle is completely fatigued and needs to rest (like in a set of weight lifting exercises). The time frame is around 60 - 90 seconds until exhaustion. Cardio, unfortunately, doesn't limit us to 15 reps at a time. Most of us can do the exercise for a half hour or so, and so it's good for muscle strengthening but not muscle building.
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I read an article recently that said the best time to exercise (for your muscles) was early afternoon, since they were loosened up from your morning's regular activities, and most likely not to be worn out (since it isn't the end of the day for you).

That being said, I usually exercise after work, around 6pm. 12 hours after I wake up, and 4-5 hours before I go to bed. Meg's right, whenever I have time is certainly the right time for me!
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yay! that was inspiring, about exercize. i used to think if I didn't work out hard for an hour, it was useless. now, if all i do is a stretching video, i'm inspired and have done Something. this actually limbers me and takes aches and pains away, and it inspires me to exercize more when i can....so i have been! i have gone from fearing exercize lately, to stretching which led to joyous jogging, biking and even tennis.
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I've found that exercising in the afternoon is better, because frankly my endurance isn't that great at five in the morning. But that's more common sense than anything else.
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I'm glad that you posted this. Now I know that I don't have to do a million crunches trying to lose the weight in my belly. I just need to walk and do aroebics and then once I lose my weight I can start to tone up.
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interesting note about the muscle building. i didn't know it was due to tiny tears
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