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Question Good shoes for walking/joggin?

Hi all!! Now that it's warmer out, I want to start walking and jogging again. The sneakers that I have are just crosstrainers. Should I buy a running sneaker? If not, what kind should I get? Could you reccommend some good brands?
Thank you!
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In my opinion, if you're going to be running you should use running shoes rather than cross trainers. When I started jogging I got a pair of Asics because I needed cushion rather than stability as I don't overpronate or supinate. I did a bunch of research, on the net of course, before going shopping and if I recall correctly there were four brands that were recommended for running shoes. I think they were asics, saucony, brooks, and new balance or mizuno. . You could check the coolrunning website to find more specific recommendations. If there is a specialty running store in your area you can have them analyze your gait and stuff and they can suggest a particular shoe as well.

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I'm not sure I would recommend running shoes if you intend to do walking/light jogging. I would look for a shoe that is specifically made for walking. If you plan to do any type of terrain, you may also need to look at a shoe that is made for going off the beaten path. I tend to do walking/light hiking in some rougher terrain when the weather is warm (oh this weekend looks perfect for it too), so I did research on Zappos.com and Shoebuy.com on various shoes. I read the comments on the shoes and any user reviews, searched for online coupons, then bought the shoe I thought was perfect. Unfortunately, it was too tight for a hiking shoe so I sent it back and ordered a wider size, which was perfect. Sending the shoes back initially was disappointing but they offer free shipping on returns so it didn't cost me anything.

So I would do some research on shoes and then actually try some out. Go into the store, check online, etc. Since you know the specific activity, I would look for a shoe tailored to that activity.
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A few years ago, I shattered the bones in the left side of my left foot. Was in a cast for 5 months!!! I still have some trouble with that foot and see a podiatrist. His recommendation for correct running/jogging shoes is that the brand is not as important as things to look for in a shoe. He says that you should be able to bend the shoe and never to buy a running shoe that does not have a removeable sole. He says that it is very important, something to do with the construction, and to replace the shoes every few months (depending on use). I use to think if it was a Nike it was the best but after looking for his requirements, Nike has never met them.
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I would suggest going to an actual running shoe store, like Run On or Lukes Lockers, something that specializes in shoes, explain to them what you want to do and let them fit you in the shoe for your foot. Brand doesnt matter the fit does. I personally run in Brooks, its also a stability shoe so I can walk in it as well, I know when I was fitted they made me walk barefoot, then in shoes, then run some all around the store, then on the treadmill, all of that, you want someone that knows feet, and shoes!! Good Luck!!

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is there a particlar type of shoe for wearing to a cardio class?? i am just wearing some cheap wal-mart shoes i bought so i'd have nice clean shoes to wear to the gym. but i don't know if they are good for doing all of the jumping and stepping that we do in the class. anyone know??
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Honestly I think it depends on the intensity of the workout. I wear New Balance walking shoes, they are very comfortable and provide enough support for anything I do. However, I am not a runner, I mainly do walking, the elliptical, and Curves.

As far as brands go...I do have to say that the shoes that have always been the most comfy and supportive for me are Saucony's. They can be expensive, but I watch for sales. You can find them for $40, as opposed to $80.

Again, it is based on the comfort and support of your feet based on the intensity of the exercise you are doing. If you have the financial means to get good running shoes, no harm done, right?
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ryka makes a nice cardio/areobics shoe and i love mizunos for walking or running u can pick em up for a decent price on ebay
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I got specially fitted running shoes for jogging. I got Mizuno, but that was after some extensive testing by the lady in the running shop. I am a moderate overpronator so need support and cushioning.

I have a pair of Reeboks for the gym that aren't suitable for running, but the Mizuno are so light that if I dropped a weight on my foot, I'd be history, and these are really strong on top. I have been known to take both to the gym so if I change my mind about my workout, i can change shoes! I need a suitcase for the gym!!!
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I suggest going into a speciality store and being fitted for your foot as well as gait. I LOVE my Brooks Synergy 2's. LOVE them! They aren't cute, actually they're rather boring, but they work for me for everything I do. I don't run though. I do an occasional jog spurt while I'm walking though. I'm going to buy my second pair real soon.
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I was mortified at the running shop, they have a treadmill fitted with a movie camera. That bit isn't so bad, but the dreadmill is in the shop window!!!!!!!!! Horrors!!!!!!! I went on a busy Saturday mornng, and there were people lined up in the window watching me, it was the worst!!! They could have at least had a curtain in the window Guess not many fat people go into the running shop, the other two having their fittings were big strapping lads who were running in the womb!

But it was worth it, and I got my running shoes, and lived to tell the tale!
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