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Default pedometers?

Who all here uses Pedometers while running/walking/etc?

I just got a new one (brand: Omron) and it seems to work pretty well. I wonder just how accurate they are. (guess it also depends on the quality of the brand)

What's your take?

God Bless,
Summer Storm
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Ilene the Bean
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Summer -- I have a pedometer, a pretty good one too, but I could never set it to my pace. I'm not really sure how accurate they are because mine use to add steps even when I was just moving in my chair at the office since I wore it all the time... But if you start and do your steps and work yourself up and use it for motivation and goals it's a great tool or maybe just use it when you go for walks. Hope this makes sense I sure hope it helps... Hopefully someone with more experience will come along with a better explanation...
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I could never get mine set to my pace using the step calculation method they have you use. What I did instead was used a treadmill...got a good workout just setting it. LOL I was able to find both my walk and run speeds, both with pretty good accuracy. I would time 10 to 15 minute sessions on the treadmill and the miles on the pedometer would match the treadmill each time.

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Thanks Everyone,
I am starting to wonder about mine, I was jump rope working-out and thought I'd see what it would say when I got done it I did a 100 rope jumps, stoped, looked at my Pod. and it said I only went 200 steps, 0 aerobic steps, burned 3 calories, and went 0.07 miles

God Bless,
Summer Storm
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I got one not to long ago and it sucked. I was going to return mine but lost it. Please, invest in something more effective and useful.
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I've been using my Omron for about six months. It has its limitations but it also has its strong points. It takes some doing to get the stride set right. I finally tested mine against a track and finally have it close to accurate. The mechanism that makes it work is very sensitive...that's why it picks up movement when you wear it all day. I only wear mine all day if I'm working on the # of steps. If I'm using it for a walk, I don't put it on until I actually start the walk. It doesn't start counting aerobic steps until after a set number of minutes -- I think ten. That's why it didn't pick up your jump roping.

By the way, I had lost the manual for mine and found it online. So if you forget how to change a setting, just do a search on pedometers.

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I like using a pedometer. I've never managed to set the stride length right, but I'm more interested in the number of steps anyway. My only problem is it's uncomfortable to keep on all day: it digs in when I sit down (I'm apple-shaped) and occasionally falls off when I get up. Mine is a Sportline, and I like the fact that it has a cover over the face so I can't accidentally erase my totalé

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