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Pins and needles after exercise?

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Default Pins and needles after exercise?

I have noticed since I was a kid that after I do any kind of exercise I feel numb/tingling pins and needles afterwards. Does this happen to anyone else? I used to think it was the fat "melting" because I exercised, but I am starting to think maybe this isn't normal, and I might see a doctor about it.

What does everyone think? It isn't painful, just an odd sensation. Do you think it is ok, or is something wrong?
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Where do you have the pins and needles feeling? If it's your feet, maybe you are tying your shoes too tight? Also, sometimes I get a little tingly (mostly in my hands) after exercise because of the increased circulation, but never numb. Other than that, I think you should probably ask your doctor.
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Like paperclippy said it really depends on where you feel it. If it is in you feet it could stem from several different things. Your shoes are the first thing to consider. My toes get numb and tingly when I exercise. I tried every shoe out there to no avail. As it happens the sensation actually stems from a very old back injury. I am glad I went to see my doctor because I would have never put the two together.

After a particularly intense workout I feel an all over numb sensation but its more like a complete relaxation from having tired out every single muscle - and it actually feels good. But nothing like pins an needles as like when your hand or foot falls asleep.

It can't hurt to see your doctor. It may be absolutley nothing. But, you don't want to inadvertently cause more damage if there is a problem. If you do figure it out post again and let us know what it turned out to be.

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It's in my upper legs/lower back/butt area. It's almost like a popping/prickling sensation. Not so much numb.
I never really thought about it as odd until recently. It has always happened to me, but lately I have been having some lower back and hip pain, so it has made me think.
My feet do get numb, and I think it is a combination of my shoes (I have wide feet, and it is hard to find the right shoes) and the fact that I have poor circulation.
Thanks for the replies, I think I may have to make a doctor visit soon.
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Recently I had beem getting numb toes when I ran. I went to the Running Room where I buy my runners they mentionned the metatarsal in the ball of my foot and to put this gel in my shoe. When this didn't work I visited a foot specialist and he found that I had Morton's Neuroma and fitted me with orthotics and ta da no more problemo ... I get tingling in my upper thighs/butt area when I have had a very good run also some soreness in the hips, but I just chalked it up to a good butt and leg blasting workout, plus it goes away after a few minutes of cool down, so I'm not too worried about it...
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Where do you get the pins and needles?
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