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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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I am 45 years old and love lifting weights!
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That was a great article! I have been looking for a routine to do two days a week, I run on MWF and I am wanting to do strength training on Tue Thur but not really sure where to start. Any ideas?
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Originally Posted by MichelleRae View Post
You are so welcome girly!! I find that for us "thyroid patients" or people with slow metabolisms that strength training really helps us attain "Non scale victories" example being, my scale hasn't moved in a week, but I can see changes in my muscle tone especially in my arms so I know that i am gaining lean muscle mass and toning my body at the same time. So I don't worry as much that my scale isn't reflecting my hard work lol.
Cathy keep up the hard work girl!!
I am SO glad I stumbled onto this, MichelleRae! I was born without a thyroid and my weight has been a life-long struggle. I've tried so many things over the course of my life but have just recently re-committed myself to doing it once and for all! I'm going to start strength training and lifting weights as part of my routine and I hope that this proves true for me, too.

What kind of diet do you follow? I've heard that low-carb/high protein works best for people with thyroid issues, so I was going to try that, but I'd be interested in what works for you, too.

It's so good to find someone on here who's similar to me and has similar goals!
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I start weight training twice a week on January 2nd. I needed a Phys Ed credit so I figured weigh training was the way to go. I may end up being the only girl in the class but I'll rock it anyways!

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Ever since I started weight training in August, I felt so good every time I left the gym. It gives me a great satisfaction which pushes me to continue lifting weights. Although I'm not super defined (especially in areas such as thighs and triceps), overall I look and feel good.

Weight training is something I encourage for every female out there. It's great and will keep your muscles strong for many years ahead.

Thank you for these information!
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thanks for posting this great post. i get many information from you post
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I love lifting! I'm just sorry it took me so long to start. Thanks for posting this great article.
40-ish and feeling fine.
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depending on the workout, an array of results. either increased muscle mass, firm toned muscles, or possibly both. it raises self esteem and decreases risk of heart disease. what more do u need?
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Just read through this for the first time! Really great synopsis of lifting. **claps**

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Great article! I weight train, and i've definitely seen results in it.
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Great Article. Thanks for sharing
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Old 06-27-2016, 09:25 PM   #27
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Love weight lifting. Incorporating the "Big 3" definitely speeds up the weight loss process.
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Great stuff. This is really good.
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Default Thank you for posting this

I am new to this forum and this is the first content I am reading. Thank you for the detailed information provided. Really helpful for somebody new getting into weight training. I am saving this article for future reference.
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I recommend getting a personal trainer once a week if you are new to weight lifting.

Specially if you are feeling lost when you get in the weight room.

They will work with you on your goals and make sure you are doing the exercises in good form, and if you have an injury, they will make sure to work around your injury.

Also make sure you allow your body to heal for 48 hours (2 night sleeps) before you hit the same muscle group.

I usually alternate between upper body and lower body days, and do some cardio on most days since I am trying to lose fat.

And even if you are over 40, 50, 60, you can still put on muscle and look toned if you work hard at it!!! Women do not have to worry about bulking up. If you feel you are getting too bulky, all you have to do is stop lifting. I know I will never got too bulky, unless I take steroids, but I will never do that, yuck!!!

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