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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default Please tell me its possible......

I have been maintaining my very unheathy weight for some time now (100+) and have just recently made some very positive changes in regularly working out with weights and cardio (I'm up to 2 miles on the elipitical ) and I know I should probably stay off of the scales but it has said that I have gained 5 lbs. Granted I have been concentrating on a workout routine and have not started streneoulsy dieting but I do not think that I am eating any worse than normal. So my question is can this really be because I have turned some of my blubber into muscle. I need so bad to stay motivated and keep it up. I know we all want instant gratification but I need to see some results.
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well muscle does weigh more than fat.


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Hello jagmom3 - First of all, congrats on starting to get more physical! That is definatly a start!

Your weight gain *could* be muscles - how long have you been into your exercise routine?

The gain could be water related, if you're not drinking atleast 64 ounces a day, your body could be retaining what water that it finds. In order to get rid of the excess water your body is holding onto, you need to drink more of it.

The gain could also be that you really haven't started a healthy eating plan either. I guess it just depends on each person though. I know I've been trying to exercise everyday, but I still eat the same as before, and I'm still gaining a little.

And the gain could also be the scale in which you use everyday How often do you weight yourself? A lot of people are addicted to the scale, and get on it atleast one a day, sometimes more. Trying to designate a certain day will help, and you won't see the scale flucuate so much.

I wish I could be more helpful, but these are just a few things that could have caused the gain. I'm sure you'll work off that extra 5 lbs in no time!

Keep up the great work!

~ Kari ~
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Definitely be careful about weighing yourself, different scales can say different things. If you want to check your weight, do it on the same scale, at the same time of day, wearing the same thing, etc. so any changes are most likely changes in weight rather than outside factors. Even then, depending on what you've been eating (salty foods) and what time of month it is, there could be fluctuations.

I would pay attention to how your clothes fit to get an idea of whether your body is starting to change.

One other thing, even if you are doing a great job exercising, eating is still key in losing weight. Try writing down everything you eat for a couple of days and see if maybe this is the problem. www.fitday.com is a great place for estimating your calorie intake and trying to see if you are burning more calories than you eat.
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Jake, thanks for sharing your story - VERY inspiring!

Jagmom3, congratulations for making the Move to MOVE! It sounds like focusing on the cardio is going to be great for you. As far as weight and how you eat, I'd suggest cutting out just one thing. Probably none of these pertain to you - but for example, cutting out sodas, second helpings of anything, or dessert. It's not necessary to go into a "diet" mode to lose weight.
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Wow, I am so glad I found this thread!

Jagmom, I am in the same boat as you except that I haven't gained but I am holding steady after going to the gym almost every day for the last two weeks. I mean come on, throw me a bone!

Seriously, I was hoping to have dropped a few pounds, I need something to keep my motivation on course. I guess I am going to have to rethink my eating. I think I am like you Jagmom, focusing on the exercise more than the eating (although I haven't been terrible, just not as good as I should be).

And Jack, wow, what a story. You must feel great! Congratulations. Although, I would find it VERY hard to weigh myself every two months. I am more like every day. Maybe I need to throw the darned thing out.

Jagmom, we WILL keep going to the gym and we WILL see results. And by the end of this year (when we are going through our closets throwing out clothes that are just too big to wear anymore ) we will look back and thank ourselves that we stuck with it.

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I started some serious exersize a month ago, and now I am training for a marathon.

I work out for at least an hour 6 days a week doing my run/walk program, and 3 days of spinning class.

I GAINED 9 pounds. I was very upset to see the scale keep going up, so I had my husband hide it.

No one ever got fat by running and biking... so I figure it is either muscle, water, or some strange cruel early April fools Day joke from God.


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I'm SURE you are building muscle... if you track your measurements, I bet you are shrinking

Your exercise schedule sure is inspiring too! Wow! When is your marathon?
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