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Default Advice about Personal Trainer.

I recently joined Gold's Gym. And about 2 days later a personal trainer called me up and set up a consultation meeting at Gold's. I went to the meeting and we went over some basics. He had me fill out a questionnaire regarding any health issues, weight, height, goals, etc. After that, he took a body fat test. One the sheet the questionnaire he had me fill out, one of the questions was "What are you hoping to gain from this (exercises, training, etc)." My response was "Joining the U.S. Army." When he read that, we got into a 10 minutes discussion about the time he spent, and the perks of it. After we talked and tested, he took me over to do some quick exercises. Although they felt like an eternity.

It had to be the most intense workout I have ever done. I never realized how ineffective my gym routine was. We only worked out for about 10 minutes, but it was the hardest 10 minutes I have ever spent in a gym. This guy really pushed me hard. We only did two exercises, but I don't think I have ever felt so worked before this. All the time between reps he was talking about how the exercise works the body, how certain muscles are targeted, etc.

After those exercises, we went back to his cubicle (for lack of a better word), and discussed nutrition. We talked about my current eating habits, proper balance of food types and the like. Then we discussed my body fat percentage, and what it meant, and what I had to do to lose the weight and build lean muscle mass. We talked about how the body stores and uses energy and how many calories muscles burns. Alot of nutrition and body physics type stuff.

After that was all done and over, we got down to the pitch, and what the training involved. That company that does the training is called Beyond Fitness. I did a google search, and didn't find anything, so I'm assuming it's local. I believe they have a deal with Gold's Gym (or it's franchisee), because there are 4 or 5 personal trainers that I saw in there, and that they have desks set up within the gym. My trainer said that for $30 a month, I would get 1 one on one session (I could have more, but the price would increase) and we would plan out meals, exercise routines, track my progress, and more. He showed me examples of other clients and it all looked very detailed. There were about 10 measurements that he takes over the body, and it is tracked on a month to month basis, along with weight and body fat %. Also, the trainers are assigned gyms, so they still interact, even though your not in a session.

Before I left, I forgot to ask about his credentials. But around the gym, they "Now Hiring for Trainers" fliers for Beyond Fitness. One of the requirements listed in they must have prior experience and that they must be Degreed or Certified. So I'm assuming he is Degreed and/or certified, but I will defiantly ask.

Does this sound like a good thing? I don't want to get ripped off, but It does sound very good, and very productive, and not that costly. Thanks in advance for the input.
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I probably shouldn't be replying, lol, as I have never even seen the inside of a gym!

However, the first question that comes to mind is are you signing a contract for a specific length of time or will this be month to month, so you can determine if this is indeed helping you?

I agree that the price sounds good, the benefits (if you achieve them) are worthwhile, and the trainer is probably qualified. The kicker for me would be the length of the contract, and can you back out next month if you find it's not what you expected.
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I have worked out with personal trainers before, they do have a great advantage. It creates accountablity, partnership and you will work harder and more focused when your with a trainer.

I would suggest that you really connect with your trainer, and it sounds like you have in this case. Having someone completely focused on your fitness goals and who works with you in a way that keeps you motivated....well, I would say is priceless......

If you can afford it, go for it....
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Can't answer your specific question, but I did want to say this. I have recently noticed that all our local Gold's Gyms are now called Beyond Fitness.

When I belonged to Gold's, they sure didn't offer anything like that. If they had (and it was month-to-month), I might have stuck w/ them!
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