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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Unhappy More exercise = weight gain?

Hi everyone, I have been a long time reader here and finally have joined to ask for some advice. I am a curvy young lady at 5'6" with a starting weight of 160. Three weeks ago I really buckled down on my exercise and diet. I cut to 1500 calories a day and a minimum of 60 minutes at the gym 6 days a week. I always start with 30 min of cardio, which is usually the stair master. This alone has me extremely sweaty and exhausted, but I then move on to 30 min of weight training.

While I feel better, I keep gaining weight. Im now up to 167. I am just feeling stuck and a little defeated for the amount of work I'm putting in. I know its only been 3 weeks, but we all know how tough that first month is to stay dedicated.
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Which round am I at now?
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Hi there, it looks like we're similar in weight/age/height experiences.

I want to congratulate you on an intense three weeks! You've stuck to a real challenge there!

My weight fluctuates 5ish lbs depending on whether I'm retaining water from salty food, or dehydrated, whether I've eaten certain foods, if I've done serious exercise and am sore, if I'm stressed and not resting enough... It's crazy how many factors affect the scale number.

If what you're currently doing is a sustainable routine for you, keep it up. The scale will change eventually as your body adapts.

I'm inclined to say, though, that this weight loss thing is a "marathon and not a sprint", lifestyle change etc. so, make sure you're getting enough rest, workout every *other* day. I'm curious if you'd tone it down a bit for a week, rest-up (but keep calories the same) if you'd see a shift.

(My most intense and successful weight loss came from being as active as you are now, eating 1600-1800 calories. I made it to 140 lbs but didn't sustain. Rose back to 160 lbs during a stressful life period, made it back to 145lbs with... moderation, daily movement and better stress/coping understanding haha. I'd love to lose more and look more toned, though. I really admire your workout ethic!!!)

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My story: I exercise and I am not hungry about one hour after I finish. thereafter I am getting hungry like a horse. plus, if I exercise my legs they are not starting to in weight (my legs are my biggest problem) but they start becoming full of muscles and it looks like I have a man's legs...
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Hi, Cristyna l-l
There are a lot of things to consider. It's normal to experience some weight gain when you work as hard as you do. Your muscles are repairing themselves and are retaining water to help with that repair. With muscle repair comes muscle building, and as we all know, muscle weighs more than fat.
The good thing is that more muscle means that your metabolism increases and you can burn more calories.

- Drink a lot of water. Aim for about 4 liters per day.
- If you're doing six weight training sessions per week, reduce that a bit and replace with interval cardio. Try 3-4 weight sessions.
- Do higher reps in your weight sessions. Example: If you deadlift 200 lbs. for 5 sets of 5... Try reducing to 150 lbs. for 5 sets of 15. TIRE out your muscles rather than taking them to the point of total exhaustion/failure.

Good luck!

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Do you take any measurements? Sometimes when the scale seems off, I look at how my clothes fit, because one pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle, but muscle is obviously leaner than fat (even though they weigh the same!)
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In It to Win It!
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Keep in mind you may not be getting enough calories. I would talk to a registered dietician, to be honest. You've got a pretty intense workout regimen, which is awesome, but there might be something lacking in your diet. I went to a dietician and found i wasn't getting enough protein. It can be very eye-opening.
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The same thing here. The thing is that I have noticed that I am building up muscle mass hence I gain weight... But thanks for the advises Trixie, maybe they would be helpful... somewhat..
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If your diet is in check, you are most likely losing fat and gaining muscle.
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Shorty getting fit
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Idk if the OP is still around, but I wanted to add that whenever I start an intense strength training routine, I tend to gain a few pounds for 2 - 4 weeks. Then the weight starts to fall off. I believe for me it's water weight, and your body may be working similarly.
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Your training program really excellent, not everyone can do this.
But not everything related to practice, you should to monitoring calories in the foods you eat per day ,
And also how much the rate at which you burn.
More importantly, this is to continue to practice
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Mix up your routine. Try doing weight training first then cardio. Try doing just weight training or just cardio some days. Don't do the same types of exercise either - you need to keep your body guessing as to how your are going to work it, you will see much better results this way. Read some articles on body building, not that this is the direction you want to go, but look at how they do their exercising.

You need to keep going! It took me 2 months before I saw a huge drop in weight/inches.
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Great dedication getting back into the journey!!!

If we are only talking about weight loss or more specifically, fat loss, most forms of exercise are completely inefficient. Before I continue, I need to say, if you love doing the stair master, keep doing it! Do what you love! But if you want to just talk about fat loss, I'll over simplify a complex answer.

1. Any form of exercise that is consistent over a period of time qualifies as aerobic exercise. Aerobic is the most inefficient form of exercise for fat loss.

2. What form of exercise melts fat 24/7 even when you're not working out? High-Intensity Interval Workouts (or commonly known as HIIT). Why? Basically, Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption or EPOC. This means when you do cardio, you burn calories, but when you stop exercising, you stop burning calories. When you do a proper HIIT workout, studies should you can still burn calories up to 48 hr after your workout!

What are HIIT workouts? There are great posts over the web on HIIT workouts. Basically its intervals of any form of exercise. For example, run 100% effort sprint for 10 secs, take a 30-second break and repeat 10 times. It can really be anything you want (Stationary bike, row machine, squats, whatever), but the most important aspect is giving it 100%, not 90% or 50%! It doesn't work unless you give it your all. Another example could be riding the stationary bike: 15 sec on/10 sec off for a set of 10. Literally becoming a 10 min workout, AND it burns more fat than an 30 min on the stair master! Cool!

3. To top off the list of fat burning exercises: Weight training! Yes, studies show lifting out-performs HIIT workouts. Why? For the same reason HIIT out-performs cardio. And if you are afraid that lifting will make you big, it won't! Trust me. If you are eating well, as a female, you don't have enough testosterone and other hormones to 'get big'. If you are worried, stick to higher reps and a shorter break between. And always have at least a few compound movements in all your lifting routines!

4. At the end of the day, the most proven way to lose fat the fastest and keep it off is your diet change! Studies show that 80% of your results will come from your change in diet. So eat SMART and well-balanced meals!

5. Be balanced. Keep your routine mixed and always change it. Your body gets use to doing the same thing over and over. For example, if you do 30 min of cardio everyday or every other day, your body will get use to it and you won't be burning more calories compared to the first time you did 30 min of cardio!!! You need to change it up!

6. The engine of your metabolism is your muscles. This is where most of calories are burned in the body. If you go on a “diet” and you lose a lot of muscle, you’ll most likely gain the weight back (and often more!). And now that you started working out again, you will gain muscle fibers even if you are losing fat. Muscle weighs more than fat so that leads me to the next point.

7. Throw away your scale!!!!!!!!! Lets lose FAT not WEIGHT! I suggest taking weekly pictures of yourself in the same place and use that as motivation!

8. Get a workout friend! It'll make it 100 times easier and more fun with someone to battle with!!! And you can keep each other accountable too! At the end of the day, you aren't going to remember the times you workout, you'll remember the memories you had with your friend(s)!

9. You might not be eating enough to lose weight! Sounds weird but if you are restricting your body of the proper nutrients it needs, it will make it harder to burn fat, if you can at all.


Eat WELL!!!! Eat well and balanced and throw out the crappy foods! Have a cheat day once a week or once every other week! Make small goals and celebrate them as you go. (This prevents burn outs) Make your goals non weight related too, like hitting a certain weight in squats. Or if you go all week eating well, celebrate! (But don't binge). And most of all, HAVE FUN!

I hope that helps! (Sorry if it sounded blunt, your health and results are more important to me!)

- To Your Success

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