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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

How long did it hurt? New exercises

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Default How long did it hurt? New exercises

I joined a gym to take some cardio and resistance training classes hoping to get the first 40lbs off sooner than later.

I do the cardio mon/wed/fri and resistance on tues/thurs. I'm only 2 days into my first week and I feel like my body is as stiff as a board and so sore. I don't want to quit but it really hurts.

How long until it's a good hurt vs. feeling like my arms and legs are going to collapse? Thank you.
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Your routine looks good because you are getting rest days between the cardio and resistance training by doing the other. You are also getting the weekend off. So let's get that out of the door early on before someone talks about rest days or overtraining.

The truth is you will always be sore (if you are doing it right) but it gets more tolerable. However pain is different to sore. You need to find, or will discover, the difference. Don't exercise if you are in pain. Your body will say no anyway and you probably won't be able to. But a little sore is normal. I do cardio and resistance training every day (two different sessions) with few rest days. And I am sore all the time. But if I get pain, I rest for a day. I know pain when I cannot physically do what I would like to do and can normally do.

So keep with it but watch for pain.

By the way, cardio will help you lose weight (both fat and muscle). Resistance training could go either way as this helps build muscle which makes you look great but may not mean a loss on the scale.

You also need to be eating right if you are working out a lot. I eat a lot of protein to fuel my muscle retention/growth and to help recovery. But you also need to balance what you eat while maintaining a calorie deficit if your main goal is weightloss.

So prioritize the diet as well or the 40lbs won't happen.

My approach was to lose the weight (both fat and unfortunately muscle) using mostly diet and then to build/tone up the muscle with exercise and (a different) diet.

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Agree with the above post, your program looks good. The delayed onset muscle soreness is good, for a start it shows your muscles are working and actually firing. If one set of muscles say flutes never get sore then work on them a bit as that probably indicates they have gone to sleep and not working as they should.

In a few weeks the DOMS won't be so bad overall but will feature after a particularly hard session.

Keep it up and don't think you can out exercise a bad diet, I am living proof you can't!
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